Our One-Click NDA
has you covered

No more back and forth. Get your NDAs done with just one click.

A simplified NDA flow

Simplify the traditional NDA workflow and transforms the NDA process down to a single step. This allows your viewers to spend more time on the information you want to share and less time on the NDA.

Protect your team and share with confidence

Upload an NDA for your company to use with a click of a button. As long as One-Click NDA is enabled, any visitor to your document will be required to agree to the NDA before viewing – even if your document was forwarded to someone new.

Seamless viewing experience

Having your NDA embedded in the sharing process removes the need for a viewer to manage multiple documents and links. Once completed, both parties will receive a signed copy of the NDA along with an audit trail.

Seamlessly Accelerate High-Stakes Deals with DocSend’s One-Click NDA

With One-Click NDA, business leaders can securely share sensitive documents, track how people engage with them, and execute NDAs - all from one single place.

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