A easy-to-use modern virtual data room

Streamline secure document sharing and drive business outcomes.

A room full of documents with a single link

Use DocSend as a virtual data room (VDR) and share multiple documents in a single link. This provides your viewers with all the information they need in a single place. It’s the smart way to manage a VDR

Smart permission management for your virtual data room

Restrict your VDR to certain email addresses and domains. Passcode protect for an extra layer of security and control.

Granular file access

Manage access to individual documents within a shared space. Require NDA to view specific files.

Personalize your data room

Customize each VDR with a logo and banner image to provide a personalized viewing experience.

Easiest VDR viewer experience

Viewers can access the documents in your VDR from any device without the need to download additional software.

Pete Kazanjy Co-Founder, Atrium

DocSend’s VDR is integral to my organization’s sales process. It’s the one-stop shop where reps can store and manage all important deal documents. Selling without it is stone-aged.”

Pete Kazanjy Co-Founder, Atrium

Pete Kazanjy

Co-Founder, Atrium

The VDR is at the core of countless business transactions

Our new paper explains why storytelling and security are critical to success.

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