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Accelerate your fundraising efforts

In a crowded market, VCs must make the most of their fundraising efforts. With DocSend, VCs can cast a wide net but quickly narrow down LP interest to run a tight and efficient fundraising process. Get notified each time a potential LP opens your pitch material and focus on the investors who seem the most interested in partnering.

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Strengthen limited partner relationships

LP updates and meetings can be laborious, but keeping your partners updated can lead to deeper, lasting partnerships. With DocSend, LPs can have easy access to the latest version of updates through a single link – no login required. Know who’s engaging with the information and where they are most engaged so you can lead more beneficial LP meetings.

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A modern data room VCs and LPs will enjoy using

Traditional virtual data rooms are cumbersome and expensive. With DocSend you can source, fundraise, and run due diligence all through a lightweight, branded data room. Unlike other VDRs, LPs will not be asked to create an account but your documents will remain secure with features like adding a passcode, domain whitelist and email verification

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