Stay a step ahead with our document tracking and analytics

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Spend time where it matters most

With our document tracking you will receive a notification each time someone views your shared links and you can track how they engage with your document in real-time. Perfect your follow-up by focusing only on people who have opened your links and are interested.

Share. Track. Optimize.

Document tracking allows you to collect document-level analytics to track top performing pages/tabs, average completion percentage, and document version performance. Test and compare different versions of a document to fine tune your files and achieve your goals faster. Dive deeper into file types DocSend supports

Uncover stakeholders through document tracking

You can use document tracking to track the links that have been forwarded to someone that you haven’t engaged with yet. Track page-by-page analytics (or tab-by-tab for spreadsheets) for each viewer of a document to learn their unique interests.

Secure document sharing with real-time analytics at your fingertips