Dynamic watermarking for your most sensitive documents

Prevent unwanted sharing with our easy to use dynamic watermarking

Smartly protect all your sensitive documents

Enhance your digital watermark’s effectiveness by automatically displaying your viewer’s information. Configure your watermark to reflect your viewer’s email, IP address, date, and time to lock down your shared information even further.

Full control over your digital watermark

Add custom text and change the color, position, and rotation of your watermark to have full control over its appearance. Apply a digital watermark to PDFs, Keynotes, Powerpoint presentations, and Word documents.

Watermark multiple documents in seconds

When you need to share multiple documents at once, applying a watermark to each of them can be a hassle. By uploading your documents to a Space, you can apply a dynamic watermark to each document and share them all in a single-link.

Secure document sharing with real-time analytics at your fingertips