eSignature that is
secure, fast, and easy

Optimize your agreements with eSignature through DocSend's secure document sharing platform.

Smart, secure signing

Convert files to legally binding, signable documents or create them directly from DocSend. Simplify your electronic signature workflow with DocSend’s unique and easy-to-use link sharing. Securely execute your document in compliance with E-Sign and UETA regulations.

Real-time deal collaboration

Send signable documents into a multi-party eSignature workflow. Save time by allowing up to ten different signers to execute the same document.

Dalia Katan CEO & Founder, Presently

DocSend was a game-changer during fundraising. It made it super easy to manage and distribute different versions of my pitch deck, get insights on what content investors spent the most time on, and obtain eSignatures from investors for our SAFEs and other critical documents. Having all my fundraising docs stored and tracked in one place saved me a ton of time and minimized friction for Presently’s investors.

Dalia Katan CEO & Founder, Presently

Dalia Katan

CEO & Founder, Presently

Instant signature analytics

Perfect your follow-up strategy with real-time view notifications and insight into how long someone spent reviewing your agreement. Once signed, receive copy and audit trail of the actions leading up to the signature.

Easiest-to-use eSignature experience

Simplify deal management and execution with a truly intuitive eSignature experience for all parties. Drag-and-drop custom signature fields and sign documents from mobile devices.

Kathleen Brown CEO & Founder, buddhi

We use DocSend eSignature to execute investor agreements and to manage liability waivers for our wellness workshops. The intuitive setup saves us time and the signing process is easy for our investors and community members. The multi-party workflow eliminates the need to re-upload and share documents that involve co-investors or multiple event participants.

Kathleen Brown CEO & Founder, buddhi

Kathleen Brown

CEO & Founder, buddhi

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