Gauge interest & focus on the right deals

Ensure that developing and pitching custom proposals is worth your effort

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Focus on the right deals with secure sharing

With DocSend, media sales can know if chasing a deal is worth their time. With robust document analytics, you can know if your proposal was viewed, by whom, for how long, and where they focused most. No more black box of emailing out a contract or custom quote with no idea what’s next.

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Strategically improve deal negotiations

While in negotiations you can thoughtfully utilize the document analytics and access control within DocSend to gauge true interest or even uncover other decision-makers you may not have known about. This allows for more strategic follow-up and negotiation that works in your favor based on the inferences you gain.

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Increase win rates with eSignature

DocSend can help confirm who makes the decisions, what they’re most focused on within a contract, and how to best craft your close strategy. Then send out the final contract for eSignature. With DocSend by your side, you can pitch, negotiate, and sign a contract all in one platform. DocSend is your competitive advantage — so that you can close more deals, faster.

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