How DocSend Works

Stay on top of your business
partnerships in 6 easy steps.

Meet Jessica

Jessica, a business leader who wants to keep business-critical documents like pitch decks, pricing sheets, and contracts both secure and accessible.

Upload files to DocSend

Jessica can store all her critical documents on DocSend for easy access and secure sharing.

Smart integrations

DocSend supports all major file types and works easily with our many integrations such as with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive.

Share Securely

Jessica wants to make sure her documents don’t get into the wrong hands, so she passcode protects them for extra security.

Gmail and Outlook Plugins

DocSend links provide an extra layer of security that email attachments don’t. The best part? With our Gmail or Outlook plugins, you can share right from your inbox.

Follow-up intelligently

DocSend lets Jessica know who opened her files. She can now focus her energy on people who are interested and tailor her follow-ups based on the pages they viewed.

Link Analytics

Our link analytics makes using DocSend so addictive! By creating unique links for each person, you can track views and time spent on each page by individual. Plus, you can turn off access for any individual at any time without affecting others’ permissions.

Share multiple documents in a personalized Space

This business partnership means a lot to Jessica. She personalizes a Space with custom branding. She uploads the remaining documents and shares a single link of the Space so it’s easy to collaborate with everyone involved.


Upload multiple documents to a Space and share them all with a single link. Spaces give owners the ability to manage link permissions and maintain version-control while providing viewers with a single link for all shared documents.

Move business forward with One-Click NDA

It’s time to get an NDA signed. Rather than email an NDA for signature and deal with all the back and forth, Jessica uses DocSend’s One-Click NDA.

One-Click NDA

Simplify the traditional NDA workflow and transform the NDA process into one simple step. This allows your viewers to spend more time on the information you want to share and less time on the NDA.

Explore more ways to use DocSend

Jessica has invited other members of her team to DocSend. Now her team is using DocSend for fundraisinginvestor relationssalesaccount management, team trainings, and new employee on-boarding.

Secure document sharing with real-time analytics at your fingertips