Know your customer onboarding metrics and manage churn

DocSend Spaces gives you
timely, account-based insights.

Smart, scalable client onboarding

Custom Spaces

Create customized, branded Spaces for each account and share documents securely with a single link.

Goodbye attachments

No big file downloads, no clogged inboxes, and nothing lost to spam filters.

Easy collaboration

Folder and Space level permissions facilitates easy team collaboration.

The ability to manage at an account level is really unique and Spaces enables that. It’s so intuitive and allows us to serve up content to our customers in a nice, usable way. “

Steven Russell

Manager Customer Experience, ContentStack

Update once, update everywhere

It’s amazing to be able to update content on the backend and allow our customers to continue using the same link.”

Ian Goldberg

Partner Development Specialist, OneVision Resources

Customer onboarding metrics that matter

Aggregate reporting

Get an aggregate view of your customer onboarding metrics by looking at who has viewed your documents and where they have spent the most time.

Head off churn

Get notified when customers read your updates and follow up proactively with those who haven’t.

Engagement metrics

Page-by-page analytics can tell you where customers are engaged and when their engagement drops off.

Before DocSend, analytics for our email attachments was a black box. DocSend has empowered us to embrace Account Based Marketing, driving ROI and efficiencies throughout our Sales and Customer Success teams.”

Demar Amacker

Sales Engineering Manager, Kore Software

Know your customer onboarding metrics: Five proven ways to reduce customer churn

See how DocSend analytics can help with new customer onboarding, predicting churn, and helping sales align with customer success.

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