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Animated your presentations and decks with GIFs support in DocSend

Bring your sales content to life with animated GIF support for DocSend. Now, you can upload presentation with GIFs and have them play right inside the DocSend viewer.
add animated GIF to docsend presentation deck

As sellers and marketers, we know that the stories we use to pitch our product during the sales process aren’t just told through words.

They’re also told through compelling visuals, through images and videos, and, of course, through animated GIFs – one of our favorite ways to share information.

Somewhere between image and video, animated GIFs can convey powerful messages where words alone might fall short. Want to quickly impress prospects with your product’s advanced functionality? Show, don’t tell, with a GIF of your product in action.

That’s why we’re so excited to be bringing animated GIF support to DocSend. Now, you can embed GIFs in your presentations and have them play right inside the DocSend viewer.

GIFs are a great way to incorporate animations in your Google Slides or Powerpoint presentations. When you share your content using DocSend, the GIFs will automatically play within your presentation, providing an enriched viewer experience. If you need more guidance on adding GIFs to your pitch deck or presentations, view our Help Center article walking you step-by-step through the process and what to expect.

Deliver an engaging sales experience

In today’s competitive and complex selling environment, we’re all fighting for our share of one exceptionally scarce resource: Attention.

Animated GIFs give sellers another way to capture prospects’ attention and keep them engaged. If you’ve ever hosted or sat through a sales demo, you know how difficult this task is.

Whether it’s a “how-it-works” GIF or a funny meme, having rich content can help bring your sales content – and your product – to life. And, now, you can incorporate them into the content you send through DocSend.

GIF support

Want to see it for yourself? Click here!

Right now, DocSend only supports animated GIFs in Powerpoint Presentations. Once uploaded, GIFs will play on preview, in the content viewer, and when broadcast through Live Present.

Pro-tip: If you use Google Slides or Keynote, simply export your presentation as a PowerPoint file (that’s “.pptx”!) before uploading it to DocSend.  

Ready to bring your content to life?

Animated GIF support is available for all DocSend users, no matter your plan. Just sign into your DocSend account, upload a powerpoint with a GIF (or two!), and see it come to life.

Questions? Check out our help center, or write to us at [email protected].