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Product Insight

Announcing DocSend advanced video analytics: Turn data-driven insights into meaningful engagement

DocSend video analytics gives users the added benefit of prioritizing the right leads for follow-up, saving you hours of wasted effort.

In today’s virtual first world, video is a key tactic for prospecting. People across industries are hungry for the ability to turn real-time insights into visitor engagement. For years, DocSend has given teams x-ray vision into how viewers engage with their shared documents. Now we’re bringing that same power to in-platform video with the launch of video analytics. 

Video consumption has become part  of our day-to-day lives. According to Hubspot, people watched 12.2 billion minutes of video last year – that’s 23,211 years worth of content. The rise of video isn’t just about attention – it’s also about driving results.  

These stats highlight the importance of video in any outreach strategy.  DocSend video analytics gives users the added benefit of prioritizing the right leads for follow-up, saving you hours of wasted effort. Plus, with DocSend you don’t have to manage your videos in a separate video tool – you can upload, share, and analyze all your client-facing videos, decks, docs, contracts, and more all within one platform and even protect them behind NDAs or share multiple documents at once with convenient data rooms customized for your customers.

Identify which prospects are really interested in what you’re pitching

Measuring the success of video content is more than just tracking views. To really understand where your deals are getting stuck, you have to dive deep into how prospects are engaging with your videos. DocSend highlights common drop-off points in your videos, as well as which sections are rewatched repeatedly, giving you superhuman visibility into areas of friction, confusion, or opportunity. Even more, you can get a closer understanding of prospect viewing behavior on Dropbox Capture voice-over videos recorded in DocSend. Armed with these insights, you can optimize your strategy to draw in more leads, and quickly prioritize which ones to follow-up with. 

Video analytics: Upload, share, and analyze videos right from your dashboard

Video analytics are now available on all DocSend plans, so you can upload, share, and analyze videos directly within DocSend, along with all of your other pitch materials, for a seamless experience.

Video analytics in Personal plans gives users instant access to DocSend’s signature insights. For each visit you can see who the user is, including email address and geolocation, as well as see which sections of your video they viewed, skipped, or re-watched. You can also view aggregate viewership stats for multiple versions of your video, to see where users tend to drop off and further optimize your content. 

For each visit you’ll be able to track: 

  • Playback time per visit
  • Playback percentage per visit
  • User information including device, operating system, location, and email address
  • Playback details during a visit, including pauses, rewinds, and skipped sections of content

Across all your visits you can track:

  • Number of visits to your video file
  • The average percent of your video that visitors viewed
  • Aggregate viewership across your video by version
  • A visit map, providing insight on where your viewers are located

You’ll also be able to leverage DocSend’s powerful sharing controls to ensure your company information stays secure. With just a few clicks you can disable downloading, passcode protect your content, or require viewers to enter their email or sign an NDA before accessing your shared files.

Advanced video engagement analytics and settings: Drive and measure engagement with your content 

Understanding how viewers are engaging with your videos is powerful. Being able to access aggregate data and evaluate video performance from a bird’s eye view is transformative. 

Available to users on Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans, video engagement analytics gives users deeper data to inform macro-level decisions, like: 

  • The visit engagement score that lets you know if a user actually paid attention to your video or just played it in the background
  • The visit engagement graph that gives you a detailed view of where a user mutes, fast forwards, or backgrounds the player to measure engagement of your most important prospects
  • Video engagement settings that let you control how your video is viewed, like blocking fast-forwarding or pausing the video if muted.

Custom video player branding that lets your logo shine for a polished premium viewing experience.

Gain a competitive edge with DocSend Advanced Video Analytics

Video needs to be in your toolkit whether you’re leading a startup, running your own business, or managing a sales team. But creating videos without any insight into viewer engagement misses a critical piece of the puzzle.

DocSend video analytics gives you the insight you need to optimize your processes and better understand your prospects’ behavior so you can focus on what matters most – building strong relationships and making smarter business decisions.

Ready to see how DocSend video analytics works in real-time? Start your free trial now.