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Make board meetings more productive by knowing what they're most interested in

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Manage board material in a intuitive, virtual data room

Create a data room that’s as easy to maintain as it is for investors to use. Share meeting material ahead of time and use document analytics to run productive meetings.

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Stay in control and never worry about outdated files

With a single, secure, and always-updated link with no log-in required, you can ensure that investors never have outdated updates, financials, or product roadmap.

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Know what your board cares most about and cater meetings to that

With robust document analytics, share meeting materials ahead of time, know what investors care about, and cater the conversation toward what’s relevant. Improving meeting productivity and engagement with DocSend.

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Record notes with our board meeting minutes template

Get our free board meeting minutes template to easily store, share, and track important board communications.

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