Announcing Verified Visitors: Guarantee your content is always in the right hands

Here at DocSend, we know how important it is for you to know that your content is in the right hands. Whether you’re sending important financials or sharing confidential product proposals, you need to know exactly who is accessing your content at all times.

Today we’re taking content security one step further with Verified Visitors.

Verified Visitors gives you additional certainty that the prospects and clients accessing your confidential content are exactly who they say they are.

Lock down your links

Just check “Require email verification” when creating your DocSend links and Spaces and all visitors will be required to confirm that they own the provided email address in order to access your content. All your visitors have to do is check their email for a unique link, making it incredibly easy to get secure access without ever having to create an account.

Email verification flow

DocSend will show you which of your visitors have been verified in your visit notifications and in your visit dashboard:

Example of a verified visit

Limit access to specific recipients with Whitelisting

Want an additional layer of security when sending out content? In addition to requiring email verification, you can also add a whitelist to your links to guarantee that only the viewers you specify can access your content.

With the combination of Whitelisting and Verified Visitors you can have complete visibility into who is viewing your content, and total control over it, at all times. Add DocSend’s content Watermarking on top of that and you’ll never have to worry about your content getting circulated without your permission again.

Ready to get started with Verified Visitors?

Verified Visitors is currently available on our DocSend Finance plan.

Want to learn more? We’re happy to help. Request a demo or send us your questions at [email protected].