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How founders successfully fundraise and expand internationally with DocSend

Learn how founders around the globe achieve success using DocSend.

What is DocSend?

Founders around the world use Dropbox DocSend to organize their external-facing content, protect their sensitive documents with granular security permissions, and track real-time engagement with shared content like pitch decks. 

In a fundraising climate with more barriers to investment than we’ve seen in recent years, DocSend can help founders not just survive, but thrive. Features like advanced analytics let founders raise smarter by prioritizing the right investors, proactively follow up with interested VCs and be better prepared for pitch meetings, maximizing their chances of success.

DocSend has long been trusted by founders across the globe as they take their businesses to the next level. We’re excited to announce that on June 23, 2023, DocSend will be available in several additional languages, including: English (U.S.), German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, and Chinese (simplified and traditional).

Using DocSend to successfully fundraise

Founders have collectively raised over $19B in funding using DocSend. 

Tracking investor engagement with your pitch is essential to a successful fundraise. With DocSend, founders can use real-time analytics to know who’s looking at their decks and where they’re spending the most time, empowering them to optimize and refine their pitches for maximum impact.

From pitch decks to signing SAFE notes, Flow Networks uses DocSend as its full-circle fundraising platform

Helping founders navigate a changing fundraising landscape

In the past few years, the startup fundraising landscape has undergone significant changes. Pitch deck review times have shortened and the competition for funding has become more intense. Founders now need to tell more compelling and concise stories to capture investor attention in this high-demand, low-supply environment.

Using DocSend gives founders an edge by empowering them to create more compelling pitches with rich media and video integrations, and to optimize for success with insights on exactly how investors are engaging and what they care about most. Savvy founders can take this a step further by building a customizable investor data room and managing access to ensure that the right information is seen by the right investors. Putting all these tools together lets founders create a seamless experience for potential investors, increasing their chances of success. 

Securely send and track with spreadsheet sharing controls

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Using Virtual Data Rooms to drive business wins 

DocSend’s Virtual Data Rooms make it easy for founders raising capital to manage security, access powerful analytics, and deliver a customizable and intuitive user experience, all while getting the interaction data they need to make smart business decisions. 

The need for modern data rooms is growing — the latest data reveals a 28% month-over-month increase in new data rooms being created, underscoring the importance of having these tools in your fundraising arsenal. In this landscape, founders are using data rooms to be prepared for heightened investor diligence and scrutiny. They’re also leaning into making the process of sharing essential documents with investors and board members smoother, fostering closer collaboration in times of uncertainty. As we navigate the dynamic fundraising environment, virtual data rooms are emerging as an invaluable tool for founders looking to grow their businesses. 

Maor Investment uses DocSend’s virtual data room to raise capital from limited partners 

DocSend was named a leader in enterprise content management (ECM) systems by G2