How to find out if you’ve created a successful pitch deck

Ever wondered exactly how your pitch deck stacks up against those of other early-stage founders? DocSend’s Pitch Deck Analyzer makes it easy to find out, all at no cost to you.
Creating a successful pitch deck

The fundraising process isn’t exactly a simple one. It takes a lot of work, and there are no guarantees. There’s no clear roadmap for founders to get the attention of an investor so they can raise the capital they need to start their company. But every founder can increase their odds of successfully fundraising by creating a great pitch deck. A pitch deck will usually go into the room before you, and stay long after. It gets you the meeting with a VC, starts the conversation, and answers the questions of your potential investors. But what makes a successful pitch deck?

After analyzing thousands of pitch decks that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars, we’ve discovered what can make or break your pitch. Our goal has always been to give founders an edge in the opaque, and often frustrating process, but we’re now taking it a step further with our free Pitch Deck Analyzer.

From our research, we’ve identified nine powerful indicators of a pitch deck’s likelihood of success. These factors range from word density per slide to the makeup of your team to how you present your financials—and our pitch deck analyzer can tell you how to shine in all of these areas and more.

How many slides should you actually spend on your financials? How many slides should your pitch deck have at all? Are you talking too much about your product and not enough about the traction you’ve gained? DocSend’s Pitch Deck Analyzer will take a calculated look at your pitch deck and give you a score based on the factors that we know make a difference. You’ll know whether or not you’re likely to have a successful pitch deck — and we’ll tell you exactly how you can improve.

How to use DocSend’s free Pitch Deck Analyzer

  1. Sign up for a free DocSend trial
  2. Upload your pitch deck to DocSend
  3. Create a new DocSend link to your pitch deck
  4. Send your DocSend link to [email protected]

After you send your pitch deck, DocSend will analyze it according to our criteria. We will hand-check each result to ensure its accuracy. Then you’ll receive your results and feedback within 48 hours.

Creating a successful pitch deck takes a lot of work. There are a lot of opinions out there about how to do it right, but we can help. Based on extensive research, we know exactly how to put together a pitch deck that will increase your likelihood of getting funded.

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