MetOx Thrives with DocSend’s Document Analytics and Control

As MetOx scales market presence and growth, DocSend becomes more and more useful to the team by providing a data-driven approach to investor relations.

Founded in January 2002 in Houston, Texas, Metal Oxide Technologies (“MetOx”)  is an up and coming manufacturer of High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Wire, made at low-cost and large scale for current and emerging devices and applications. MetOx’ proprietary manufacturing process will enable new possibilities in clean renewable energy, technology, power generation, and transmission, urban electricity, medical diagnostics and treatment, physics and space applications.

Before DocSend, the MetOx team used individual letters, email, and meetings as well as annual meetings to communicate with both existing and prospective investors.

A strategic approach to fundraising

Access to DocSend’s document tracking analytics has revolutionized MetOx’ approach to raising funds. By establishing a well organized, easy to access data room, and uploading and distributing key documents through DocSend Spaces, the MetOx leadership team can quantify investor engagement according to time spent per slide, total time spent in-deck, frequency of access, forwarding activity, and more. They can even receive real-time alerts when a new visitor reviews key documents.

These analytics empower the team to prioritize follow-up with prospective investors who show interest in MetOx and its growth. By identifying trends in investor engagement within the data room, the team can respond by optimizing the contents for best performance.

In the past, every time the team had a new version of a deck, the team had to send out a follow-up email. With DocSend, version control is as simple as clicking “Update”—no delay, no new link, and no permission changes. MetOx can even draw upon engagement data from the original version to follow-up only with those investors who have already viewed the deck.

MetOx can also invite any involve other team members as admin guests. In this way, the management team rolls out the red carpet for new members, and keeps all assets organized, uniform, and updated—without sacrificing the security of our other files.

A modern, data-driven approach to investor relations

MetOx applies a similar data-driven mentality to its investor relations. Our large group of investors are experiencing better communications from MetOx because we can easily send periodic updates that they routinely access.  By using DocSend to upload and distribute all widely distributed materials for existing investors, the team can determine which investors are keeping up with the company, and which aren’t. The MetOx team finds that investors have regularly initiated contact after receiving information.  For those who do not reach out, MetOx can limit follow-up to investors who haven’t engaged with critical company updates.

MetOx can also keep confidential investor materials more secure than they ever have before, with password protection, viewer verification, link-based access, and the option to enable or disable downloading.

By sending out key announcements through DocSend we have much better engagement from them with each update than we used to have. Then for those that did not reach us, using DocSend saves us time and guesswork to see who is keeping up on our information, and lets us engage where we see a need.
Jim Jewitt

Jim Jewitt

CEO, MetOx

What’s next for MetOx?

As MetOx scales market presence and growth, DocSend becomes more and more useful to the team. Next up: Incorporating DocSend into MetOx’s enterprise sales prospecting processes, so the team can seamlessly and intelligently continue the expansion of their business.

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