DocSend Spaces Supercharges MotiveMetrics’ Enterprise Sales Process

MotiveMetrics understands that selling next-generation enterprise technology requires sending the signal that they use the best-in-class solutions themselves.

MotiveMetrics is an AI-based cognitive marketing platform that enables businesses to optimize keywords and manage advertisement campaigns. MotiveMetrics’ Account Structure Optimization Platform dynamically manages account structures, identifies and deploys new keywords, and generates winning ad copy automatically and at scale. Customers include HomeAdvisor, Caesars Entertainment, Adidas, HP,, L’Oreal, and more.

Prior to using DocSend, MotiveMetrics’ process of sharing content and sales assets was unscalable and plagued with technical limitations. DocSend Spaces has opened MotiveMetrics’ sales process to account-based personalization and white-glove treatment that prospects have noticed.

“Using DocSend Spaces to conduct sales demos is the best way to familiarize customers with MotiveMetrics,” says Jon Piron, MotiveMetrics’ Sales Director. “Customers have emphasized how impressed they are with how detail-oriented our team has become with DocSend, and how much work the team puts into personalizing the sell.”

DocSend Spaces Showcases MotiveMetrics’ Personalized Approach to Sales

MotiveMetrics’ successful sales approach is based on upfront research and preparation, but the team could only personalize so much without actionable, account-based sales asset engagement analytics. By presenting and sharing customized DocSend Spaces throughout the sales process, Piron’s team collects asset-by-asset (and even slide-by-slide) document engagement stats that enable them to prioritize the most promising account leads, and thus spend their time more wisely.

It's always compelling to tell a sales prospect that I have created a page that includes material curated specifically for them using DocSend Spaces. It not only helps the sales demo discussion but can also be easily referenced and shared after the call.
Jon Piron

Jon Piron

Sales Director, MotiveMetrics

“Thanks to DocSend, prospects experience our white-glove treatment from the initial demo to the signed contract, and that’s reflective of the treatment they can expect thereafter. Each prospect now has a personalized place just for them that will be updated over time with all the relevant reference material whenever they need it,” says Piron.

DocSend Spaces Provides MotiveMetrics the Flexibility and Agility to Close a Deal

DocSend’s seamless, custom-branded viewing experience allows MotiveMetrics to better showcase the value of their platform to potential customers. It also provides the flexibility and agility to allow the sales discussion to go in an optimal direction, no matter what their understanding of the product, specific questions, and needs are. With DocSend Spaces, everything is located in one central place, so the MotiveMetrics team can easily and instantly customize the sales collateral in each individual lead’s DocSend Space. The team can then duplicate Spaces seamlessly and with one single click, to customize at scale.

“We house everything in one customized location that includes the prospect’s branding. We have the agility and flexibility we need to point them to our NDA here, our MSA here, and our legal contracts here.” says Piron. “The customer loves the full transparency and seamlessness so that their team and the MotiveMetrics team can always access all the data and materials relevant to the partnership.”

DocSend Spaces Empowers MotiveMetrics to Roll Out the Red Carpet at Scale

Piron and his team credit DocSend Spaces in helping MotiveMetrics roll out the red carpet for customers. Prospects and customers alike appreciate the amount of work, thoughtfulness, and tailored attention they receive.

MotiveMetrics lets customers know that this customized approach is what they will receive throughout the entire customer experience. “I assure customers that everything the customer needs throughout the entire sales and onboarding processes is going to be accessible from a single page that’s been uniquely created for them (their DocSend Space),” says Piron.

MotiveMetrics understands that selling next-generation enterprise technology requires sending the signal that they use the best-in-class solutions themselves.

“Taking the fear out of a deal is one of the most powerful ways to cultivate faster, more successful deals,” says Piron. “What DocSend does, especially through Spaces, is give my team the insights they need, so we know both when there’s fear and how best to address it.”

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