DocSend Empowers Sales and Marketing to Thrive at Sitetracker

With DocSend, Sitetracker has found a seamless way to keep sales and marketing aligned while setting both up for unprecedented success.

Sitetracker is a full lifecycle project management platform that offers project managers a single solution to effectively manage high volume critical infrastructure projects. Across all levels of organizations, Sitetracker enables project stakeholders to perfect how they plan, deploy, maintain, and grow their capital asset portfolios. Project managers from Google, Nokia, Verizon, and many more turn to Sitetracker to manage building and maintaining the infrastructure that connects the world.

Facilitating open communication between sales and marketing orgs is a common challenge, but for Sitetracker VP of Marketing Brett Chester, it was an essential element of creating sustainable, scalable growth.

Specifically, the Sitetracker marketing team needed a way to ensure that sales reps were using the collateral marketing spent time and resources creating for them. Furthermore, Chester and his team needed a solution that enabled them to gauge what content was working and what content wasn’t.

Once Chester started using DocSend, he quickly solved these challenges and more that his team faced. By using DocSend as the source of truth for all finalized sales collateral, the team has optimized and empowered both sales and marketing at the company.

Optimizing the reach and effectiveness of Sitetracker’s sales collateral

Every marketer understands that there’s no point in creating sales collateral that isn’t being used by the sales team, so identifying which sales assets are ineffective and not being used is a must. It’s also critical to understand whether those assets that are in use are being applied to the right stages of the sales process and that they are consistent across the whole org.

By easily tracking visits and downloads across each sales asset in DocSend, Chester keeps the sales team accountable. Chester and his team also have access to page-by-page prospect engagement data and dropoff reports, both of which have helped the team optimize collateral post-release.

When it comes to applying this data to collateral revisions, Chester says, “knowing that people don’t get past the first half of a white paper, for example, is really useful information. Maybe we need to move more compelling descriptions or headlines to the top. Maybe we need to put an image there. We’re constantly evolving the layout and content of sales collateral—with DocSend, we’re able to gauge shifts in prospect engagement.”

Finally, thanks to DocSend’s version control, all sales collateral in DocSend can be updated without links and without access permissions changing. In a matter of a few clicks, the team can easily compare engagement data across multiple versions of an asset.

Empowering sales to prioritize prospect communication

The Sitetracker marketing team isn’t the only team to benefit from newfound access to enhanced prospect engagement data. The sales team also leverages this highly informative data to prioritize follow-up with prospects based on the interest and intent each prospect expresses.



Sitetracker’s sales team has access to real-time read alerts, so reps can easily stay informed of prospect engagement. In fact, the sales team even receives alerts when sales collateral is forwarded to new stakeholders of a deal, thereby giving reps the best chance at moving deals forward.

If a prospect spends 30 seconds on our customer logo page, we assume that they were looking for competitors or like companies and as a result, they’re interested in seeing relevant customer stories next.
Brett Chester

Brett Chester

VP of Marketing, Sitetracker


In theory, keeping sales and marketing on the same page shouldn’t be hard at all. In reality, it can be a different story. In DocSend, Sitetracker has found a seamless way to keep sales and marketing aligned while setting both up for unprecedented success.

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