Symphony Talent Drives Message Consistency and Improves Prospect Engagement with DocSend

With DocSend, Symphony Talent's Marketing and Sales are able to work harmoniously and to put more focus where it mattered, on revenue growth across both departments.

From events management to referrals, the team at Symphony Talent (formerly the team at SmashFly) has one goal in mind: to make the best-recruiting experience for talent, and the businesses looking for them. This passion for delivering a wonderful recruiting experience was a primary reason the SmashFly team was recently acquired by Symphony Talent.

Like many companies, Symphony Talent’s marketing and sales teams work closely to ensure the consistency of messaging, content, and to ultimately optimize the experience for Symphony Talent users.

Like most companies, this wasn’t always the case.

The Problem: Consistency and Personalization

Elyse Mayer, Symphony Talent’s VP of Marketing, has some idea of the pain points that frustrated her early on:

“Consistency and understanding of usage was an issue. I was Director of Content at this time and constantly asked for more content but without any context of what was working, why it was working, and who was using what.”

Without a clear understanding of what collateral was effective and being used, it was difficult to prioritize sales feedback and approach collateral creation from a strategic standpoint. For the other side of the story, here’s Mike Delzotti, Inside Sales Manager at Symphony Talent:

“We needed more personalized, targeted pieces to give to leads and prospects. We saw that this kind of content greatly increased the likelihood of conversion, and wanted to run with it. But, adding new logos and new numbers to one-pagers and white papers isn’t exactly scalable for a small content team either.”

It was clear to the team that a new strategy or tool was needed, so it was time to begin vetting different options and getting the right stakeholders involved. They tried Veelo, but found that while it suited sales fairly well, the marketing team didn’t find it useful in coordinating content.

After a bit more digging, the marketing team found the perfect balance: DocSend.

The Solution: DocSend, Personalization, and Activity Tracking

Elyse remembers her first “Aha!” moment with DocSend.

This tool captured my attention in 5 minutes as opposed to 3 hours of training. No one needs another multi-week training and rollout for new technology in an already busy schedule, and when I saw Sales actually sending content to prospects that first week, I knew we were on a good path.
Elyse Mayer

Elyse Mayer

VP of Marketing, Symphony Talent

Marketing and Sales were working harmoniously and were able to put more focus where it mattered, on revenue growth across both departments. Consistency and continuity reigned again. In the meantime, the other side of the office was finding its own unique uses for DocSend. Here’s Mike again:

“Using DocSend’s Spaces feature, my team is able to fully personalize any meeting or interaction we have with potential clients. We put their logo and our logo in there, punch in their metrics and goals, and really strive to make them feel catered to. That makes all the difference in sales, and has really allowed us to grow exponentially.”

But DocSend isn’t just a “set it and forget it” tool. Mike’s team can actually pull metrics from those Spaces and documents as their prospects view them.

Most importantly, we want to understand when links within content are being clicked on and how much time is being spent viewing that content, so we can follow up with that prospect accordingly. These metrics turn what used to be a cold lead into a warm one. While they may not be answering the phone, they are checking out our content.
Elyse Mayer

Elyse Mayer

VP of Marketing, Symphony Talent

The Impact: Efficiency, Quality, and Quantity

Neither Elyse nor Mike can really quantify the impact that DocSend has had on sales numbers or marketing metrics. But, they don’t really have to in order to feel the impact it’s had on their departments.

For Mike, “Overall the efficiency of leveraging the platform is extremely valuable to the team. It helps us stand out amongst our competition, and get our message in front of our prospects in a new and modern way.”

And for Elyse, “We don’t send PDFs anymore. Everything goes into DocSend. If you don’t use DocSend, you’re not getting it. Our first line of defense on a content question is, Go to Docsend.”

That kind of speaks for itself. DocSend just makes sense. A collaboration platform that improves sales numbers and keeps marketing happy? What’s not to love?

Try DocSend today, and see how we can help your business like we helped Symphony Talent.

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