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Where in the World Are Your Visitors?

You can now see the state and country, along with the city, of your viewers, so you know who's engaged, when, and where.
DocSend Visitors Map

We’ve long offered the ability to see what city your visitors are in when viewing your DocSend links. Today we’re happy to launch a further elaboration on that. Rather than just listing the name of the city, we’ll now show you the state and country, as well as where that place lies on a map. This is great if you didn’t happen to win the school geography bee. Or if you did, but it’s been a few too many years since.

Nearby Prospect → Excuse for a Meeting

Notice that someone who is typically in New York is now in San Francisco, and they’re looking at your pitch? Awesome. Set up a meeting!

Here’s how you can quickly see a map of a visit location:

Your Visitors, On a Map

If you’re sending out a document that’s getting lots of visits — e.g. a mail merge using Mail Merge Links or even just a document you send out often as part of the top of your sales funnel — it’s great to be able to understand where those people are located in the world. Just head over to the Performance tab of any document and scroll down to see the new visit map:

Here are a few more insights you might glean from the visit location map:

  • A better understanding of where your clients, and prospects are distributed
  • Locations with fewer visits might highlight new areas that should be explored for new business
  • Visits clustered in an unexpected location could indicate that someone you’re pitching is looping in another office — this could signal that there are new decision makers involved in your deal.
  • If there’s a location you know you shouldn’t have visits from, this might be a clue that your document has leaked. You can always turn off access to your links at any time.

Visit maps are available today. We’ve also gone ahead and enriched your existing data, so all your past visits will be mapped.

We’re always excited to provide you the information you need to make sure you have the right conversation with the right person at the right time. Have something else you’d like to see? Just let us know!