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Livepräsentationen sind der neueste Schrei

DocSend's latest feature - Live Present - makes it easier than ever to give high-resolution sales presentations with built-in screenshare.
Ankündigung von DocSend-Livepräsentationen

Live Present your documents using DocSend over the phone

Today we added in a cool feature we are calling “Live Present”. In a nutshell, it gives you a short, personalized URL you can tell people to go to and then you control what document they see there. Think of this as WebEX or Join.me, tailored specifically for documents.

Step 1:

Set your custom presentation URL in your account settings:

Presentation URL Setting

Step 2:

You can start a live presentation by going to the document details page and clicking the Present button at the top:

Present button screen shot

Step 3:

Choose if you’d like a passcode, and then send the link to whoever you’d like to present to. Each time you present, a new code is generated which ensures nobody from your last “present” session is able to get into your new one.

Present dialog

Step 4:

Navigate through your document, and everyone else will see the same thing. You can see a count of how many people are in your presentation at the top. Here’s what you see:

Present owner

Here’s what people you’re presenting to see:

Present viewer

An important thing to keep in mind is that Live Present also works from your phone as well. This is incredibly useful for a few reasons:

Your viewers can tune in from their phone

Unlike other screen sharing services, anyone can tune into your pitch from their phone without downloading anything. Here’s what it looks like for them on mobile:

Mobile present

You can present from your phone

Are you on the go, and you need to walk someone through a document? No problem! Just live present from your phone. Here’s what it looks like presenting on your phone:

Mobile presenter view

Present in person using your phone as a remote

Let’s say you show up to a sales meeting, but you don’t want to bother getting your computer plugged into the projector. No problem! Just use a computer that’s already setup to go to your personal link.

From your phone, you can start a live presentation and you can use your phone as a remote control to go through your presentation.

Present in person

Oh, and one more thing*

You can now set your own subdomain for all your links. Just click on Team Settings on the Team tab:

Team settings screen shot

  • *Yes yes, this is clearly not cool enough to be in the same league as the reference.