Simplifying document security with signable agreements

Financial professionals require legal protections in order to share sensitive documents. DocSend saves time by automating the signature collection and file access workflows.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are critical for finance professionals who work with external parties. They require potential investors and limited partners to commit to not sharing documents before gaining access to them. But a standard NDA can be challenging for recipients to sign and might not be appropriate for every situation. Plus, if an investment firm distributes multiple NDAs to different parties, it‘s hard to keep track of who signed what.

Delivering both simplicity and security
Today’s finance professionals require a flexible and streamlined approval process for safeguarding sensitive content, especially if they need simple consent. They need the ability to gate their sensitive files and deal rooms, provide recipients with an easy eSignature experience, and automatically grant access after signing while keeping track of the entire signature history.

DocSend’s new one-click agreements feature make it easy to request and receive legally binding signatures on documents. Shorten deal cycles by letting potential investors quickly sign NDAs and other agreements before accessing sensitive content. Signed agreements can be easily tracked and managed afterward. Learn how DocSend’s native eSignature workflow helps protect sensitive documents.

1. Flexible document selection
NDAs are a great way to safeguard content, but what if another type of document is needed? Upload a policy acknowledgment form for an investment opportunity, or another agreement that requires signature. Approval of that document is required to access the file – even if it was forwarded to someone else.


2. Simple one-click signing
Avoid approval delays with DocSend’s one-click signable documents, which allow viewers to provide a legally binding signature with a single click. This quick approval is available for agreements such as NDAs and opt-out letters, or for other signable document.


3. Secure signature management
It’s critical to view and manage the complete signature history of every document. DocSend users can easily access their eSignature history and list all signatures from any contact, or visit a document or NDA’s Signatures tab to view and download every signature.


Flexibility, Simplicity, Security
It’s never been easier to protect sensitive content. Setup one-click agreements to safeguard documents and virtual data rooms, and get them signed with just one click. Visit DocSend to start a free trial today.

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