Drei Möglichkeiten, wie Gründer mit Integrationen von DocSend + Zapier Zeit beim Fundraising sparen können

Integrationen können Ihnen den Stress beim Fundraising nicht ersparen – aber sie können Ihnen den Umgang damit durch kleine Effizienzsteigerungen, die sich auf lange Sicht summieren, erleichtern.

Fundraising in a leaner venture capital environment can feel daunting. While the process can involve a lot of fun and creativity, it’s also often fraught with challenges— from crafting a compelling pitch deck to identifying the right investors and managing follow-ups. 

This is why efficiency matters so much. As Winston Mok, founder of Woosh Air, shared, “I’m focusing on contacting fewer investors, but also making sure I’m contacting the right investors. This efficiency has been so important for my seed fundraising process.”

No longer as risk-averse as they once were, VCs now expect founders to communicate a business model on the road to profitability. And while you’re stressing about putting together a compelling pitch deck, you’re also operating your business—and the last things you want to deal with are the nitty-gritty details of project management and investor tracking.

While software integrations can’t solve your biggest fundraising problems, they can help you find small efficiencies that add up over time. Here we’ll talk about how to get the most out of DocSend’s Zapier integration, so you can save time and (hopefully) a little sanity. 

How does DocSend work with Zapier?

DocSend is a file management and tracking platform that provides real-time feedback on document engagement. Zapier is a tool that connects your favorite apps and automates workflows. By integrating DocSend with Zapier, you can create “Zaps”—automated actions that trigger when certain conditions are met in DocSend.

Good software integrations, like the one between DocSend and Zapier, can automate tasks that would otherwise consume a significant amount of your time. For example, when an investor views your pitch deck through a DocSend link, Zapier can automatically log this interaction in your CRM. It’s a great way to track investor interest without manual data entry.

Here are three ways DocSend’s Zapier integration can help you save time with fundraising:

1. Automate investor engagement tracking—and improve your pitch deck in real time

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When an investor views your pitch deck through a DocSend link, Zapier can automatically log this interaction in your CRM. This allows for a few things:

  • Your team gets an instant notification when an investor views or shares your pitch deck
  • Investor interest data is logged in their CRM record without manual entry—leaving you free to focus on modifying your pitch deck if you need to
  • New contacts are created in your CRM every time new investors visit your pitch deck

When you’re using DocSend to share a pitch deck with potential investors, you can still get all the data you need to make content decisions based on engagement—but none of that data would live inside your CRM. With the DocSend-Zapier integration, this process is automated. 

According to our latest seed report, investors are very concerned with company traction—they spent 33% more time on Traction slides and 88% more time on Competition slides in 2023 compared to the previous year. Automating the collection of this kind of data for your own pitch deck can help you act fast during the editing process.

2. Send email follow-ups automatically when someone views your pitch deck

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With DocSend + Zapier email integrations, you can improve the foundations of your investor communication strategy by automating a part of it. 

Because DocSend lets you see who’s visiting your data room and pitch deck, you can also automate follow-ups depending on the type of interaction that investor has taken.  Whether it’s a reminder to visit again when the pitch deck hasn’t been viewed to completion or a follow-up request for a meeting, you’ll need to think about outreach a little less with the integration.

3. Keep your team on track with other projects while you’re busy fundraising

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As we mentioned before, you’re rarely just fundraising—you’re also keeping your business afloat while you’re raising money. But the reality is, your team will need to be extra efficient without your complete oversight when you’re busy with investors. 

Project management tools are great for this, but they can also create manual data entry in creating and updating tasks. The DocSend + Zapier integration automates this in a variety of ways, from updating statuses in tools like Asana to adding to the appropriate row in a Google Sheet when links are created in DocSend.

The DocSend + Zapier integration lets your team work smarter, not harder, by letting automation take care of the details so you can focus on the big picture.

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