Novedades de DocSend
Novedades de DocSend

Wondering which doc performs best?

With DocSend's latest release, you can now see aggregate usage and visit statistics for your content, not just individual visit data.
Tracking content performance in DocSend

See aggregate statistics on all your docs, including each version

Showing stats on each document visit has been a real crowd pleaser, and now we show you those stats in aggregate. You no longer have to guess how your document is performing. DocSend will tell you!

Why this matters:

It’s like Google Analytics for your documents. By looking at stats on each document version, you can finally A/B test what works best. Given how important these documents are, it’s about time we all stopped guessing and started looking at the facts about how our content is performing.

The overview:

You now get to see: * Average completion rate * Which pages are viewed the most * Drop off rates for each page * Average time spent on each page * All the stats are broken out by document version

The details:

To view these stats, go look at one of your documents in DocSend and click on the new Performance tab:

performance tab

The top section shows you the overall stats for your latest version. Here you can see the average completion rate and the number of views for your current version:

Overall stats screen shot

You also get to see which pages in the current version are most popular:

popular pages

The graphs below are where you get to see the real magic. You can select versions to compare the data from each. You get to see average time per page, as well as where the drop off in your document is happening. Select as many version as you’d like to compare! This is where you get to see definitively if the changes you’re making actually make a difference for the better.

Version Stats

Have something else you’d like to see in the new Performance tab? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Just drop us a line!