Novedades de DocSend
Novedades de DocSend

Ahorra tiempo y trabaja de manera más inteligente con los espacios duplicados

Las experiencias de visualización personalizadas y las experiencias eficientes del remitente ya no se excluyen mutuamente.

At one point or another, we’ve all had days so packed with meetings and calls that we barely have time for lunch, let alone keeping files and documents organized and secure. At DocSend, we get it, and we’re here to help.

DocSend’s Spaces enable professionals to create customized viewing experiences for the files and documents they share. Today, we’re pleased to share that Spaces can now be easily duplicated.

With a few clicks in the Spaces tab, you can duplicate the Spaces you love the most and customize them for other audiences. There’s never been a more seamless, efficient process for sending personalized, trackable collections of files and documents. Personalized viewer experiences and efficient sender experiences are no longer mutually exclusive.

You can even create Space templates based on different prospect use cases, industries, or levels of familiarity. Simply create a starter Space stocked with all your core files and documents, and personalize for each relevant industry. In this way, you can equip your team with already-customized Spaces that give your team crucial time back while incorporating the best practices you’ve observed for your business.

Standardize Your File Sharing Process and Experience

Duplicating Spaces also enables you to send the same group of files and documents with the same branding and customization to different accounts.

Maintaining a clear and consistent brand experience is essential, but it’s understandably difficult to find the time to repeatedly customize logos, headers, and other branding components. With duplicate Spaces, you can easily create one reusable template complete with your logo, customized headers, and other branding materials, making it even easier and faster to create standardized, scalable processes for your team.

How to Duplicate Spaces

Duplicating Spaces is quick, simple, and easy. You can duplicate Spaces using the “Duplicate Space” option in the more tab, or on a specific Space’s edit page. You can click here to learn more about the process.

It’s worthy of note that we won’t duplicate any content that you do not have access to in DocSend (so be sure to obtain all necessary permissions before duplicating a Space!). If any content can’t be duplicated due to content permissions, we will inform you in a flash message.

Once the files in your newly duplicated space are ready for customization, your team will be ready to rock every meeting, call, or presentation coming down the pike. We can’t wait to see the Spaces you build!

Ready to Get Started?

Spaces is available now on DocSend’s Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. If you don’t have an account on one of those plans and want to use Spaces, you can upgrade your plan by clicking here.

Otherwise, request a demo of Spaces today, or give us a call at (888) 258-5951. We look forward to hearing from you!