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Dissecting the DocSend Dashboard

Data-driven insights about how and when visitors use your content.

At DocSend we pride ourselves at putting you in the driver’s seat of every deal. Whether you’re raising funding, pitching a new client, or upselling a current customer, you can have timely and proactive conversations with the right stakeholders, at the right time. Consider the DocSend dashboard your x-ray vision into what documents or pitching material is resonating and most importantly, with whom. You’ll have the data you need to focus on promising leads instead of casting a net for any leads, spend your time more wisely on follow-ups that show genuine interest, and identify the strategy to actually close the deal.

Below I’ll walk you through the key insights you can gather from your analytics dashboard and how this information will make your efforts more productive and proactive.

Analyzing your content consumption unlocks strategic possibilities

Document-level analytics are the greatest tool within the DocSend platform. The cumulative value of these metrics is the core of a well-informed follow-up strategy. With these specific, action-oriented insights, you’ll be able to refine your approach based on data-driven decisions.

  • Top performing pages show you which pieces of content are resonating the most across your entire audience reach so that you can redefine your follow-up strategy to replicate its success in other formats
  • Document version performance allows you to compare different iterations of your content by measuring page-by-page analytics to give you clarity on what messaging has stronger pathos.
  • Total number of visits indicates content performance. Are viewers interested in viewing your document? Do you have repeat visitors? Is one page clearly out-performing others? These insights will help you craft an effective follow-up strategy.
  • Total number of downloads gives insight into where or how your document might be being shared. If they’re downloading it, they might want to spend more time with your content for a thorough readthrough or maybe they’re downloading it to share with other external stakeholders. You can also turn downloads off so that a request to download is a clear signal of interest and creates an opportunity to check in. Either way, it’s an indicator of deeper interest and allows you to determine if there is a warm lead.
  • Top trafficked page determines the definitive ranking of what your viewers find most interesting and can be used to inform direction on other content pieces.
  • Content dropoff offers insight into when viewers feel they’ve “seen enough”. Consider the following: Did you capture their attention quickly enough with your pitch? Did they get to the critical information like pricing options or did they lose interest before that and bounce? If it’s the latter, this data point will help you uncover another way to engage them – either new content or perhaps direct follow-up.
  • Time spent per page tells you if viewers are skimming your content and what’s given them reason to pause. You can use this insight for specific messaging in your follow-up conversations with contacts. This is incredibly effective when it comes to analyzing something like pricing tiers or packages. By putting each pricing option on its own page, you can compare the page-by-page data to see which option(s) your prospects might be leaning toward for better negotiations. It can help you better manage and close a 7-figure deal.

Analyze your visitor data to uncover key insights before you follow-up

The dashboard gives you a quick pulse check on the most recent and most frequent activity so you can make swift decisions on next actions to take with specific people. You’ll be able to closely examine user interest – including page-by-page consumption of your documents – and determine what messaging (or even price point) is resonating best before reaching back out. The DocSend dashboard provides you with confidence that you are investing your time where it matters most.

The improved “Recent Visits” section lets you get a closer look at:

  • who has been viewing your content to uncover your champion(s) on the inside
  • which pieces of your content are capturing attention
  • when they’ve been visiting your content to find out if you’re top of mind with recurring visits or if there was just a one-time view
  • how long they’ve spent reviewing your content and what’s precisely piqued interest with page-by-page analytics.

You can also receive real-time notifications to monitor engagement metrics, such as views and opens for specific individuals and document links, to get the data points you need for thoughtful, swift action.

Identify warm leads and uncover new stakeholders through document tracking

Giving users the ability to uncover stakeholders through document tracking has always been a core aspect of DocSend, so if there are names in the “Recent Visits” list that you don’t recognize, that might actually be a good thing. DocSend’s success lies within its unique links. Users are able to create unique links in two meaningful ways:

  1. On the individual viewer level: You can create a custom link for specific individuals so that you can monitor their activity with each file and each page in order to measure their level of interest.
  2. On the document level: You can create links with specific permissions settings, such as passcodes and expiration dates, depending on the intended audience or critical nature/sensitivity of the file.

Because of DocSend’s unique links settings, our document tracking and analytics will also surface the names of viewers who have been forwarded your content so you’ll get a deeper understanding of who specifically is interested and who potentially makes decisions.

The new “Most Engaged Contacts” section of the dashboard shows you which visitors are most active with your content, along with the frequency of their visits, and timestamps on activity. These insights will allow you to closely examine who is finding value in your content and more importantly, where they’re sharing it so that you can pursue only leads that show real promise. You’ll be able to narrow down your list of contacts to those that matter most so that you can bring a sharpened focus to your preparation for meetings.

DocSend gives you a competitive edge

DocSend designs its features so that you can always put your best foot forward from prospecting to negotiations.. Use the dashboard to measure and optimize your strategic approach to both deal sourcing and deal management, as you accelerate your pipeline velocity and close rate.

To learn more about the ins and outs of the dashboard, visit our Help Center article. And to stay up-to-date on the latest DocSend product news, sign up for our newsletter.