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How VC Bias in Viewing Pitch Decks Can Affect Fundraising Success

The second data report in our series highlights possible VC bias in how they view pitch decks depending on the gender of the founding team.

2020 DocSend Startup Index: The Funding Divide
This week, we’re publishing the second in our The Funding Divide series of reports highlighting how key factors such as gender, diversity or geography can affect a team’s fundraise. We’ve covered how gender can affect your ability to get meetings and raising money for each fundraising round, now we’re focusing on possible VC bias in how they scrutinize pitch decks depending on the gender of the founding team.

The data has proven that there is a clear bias in access to VC funding. Teams can have varying levels of success based on who their founders are. Using data from the DocSend Startup Index for Pre-Seed funding, we were able to identify that the decision to fund some teams over others can be made before the founders ever have a meeting with a potential investor. The VC bias starts with how they view your pitch deck.

View both reports on The Funding Divide (full-size infographics)


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