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Informations produit

Quatre façons de développer votre activité de freelance grâce aux vidéos et aux images

Laissez vos prochaines grandes idées créatives se vendre d’elles-mêmes, sans en perdre le contrôle. Attirez de nouveaux clients et concluez des contrats plus rapidement grâce à l’analyse avancée des vidéos et des images DocSend.

Standing out and staying ahead of the competition can be a challenge for freelancers. As a solopreneur or small team, effectively prioritizing your time on the right opportunities can make all the difference when closing new business.

That’s why we’ve made it simple to send images and video with advanced analytics and controls in DocSend.

Videos, images, and GIFs can capture your audience’s attention and bring your files to life. Want to showcase your latest designs or walk a potential new client through your creative portfolio? DocSend is your trusted partner that helps you close new clients faster, while keeping your big ideas secure.

Read on to learn 4 ways you can close more clients with advanced video and image analytics.

Identifiez les prospects réellement intéressés par votre argumentaire

Finding opportunities to form connections and memorable impressions can be challenging in remote selling environments. While for many the transition to virtual selling was easy, others find it difficult determining who to prioritize and understanding content consumption. For years, DocSend has been a secret superpower for freelancers, providing advanced control and insights over documents. Freelancers can now drive their business forward with advanced video and image analytics in DocSend.

It’s important to know more than just who is watching your videos. To truly understand why a potential client doesn’t move forward, you have to uncover how they are viewing your videos. In DocSend, you can easily locate drop-off points in your videos and pinpoint which sections are rewatched. For example, someone might stop responding to your emails, but in six months time, you see that they reopen your sizzle reel. Overall, DocSend’s advanced video analytics make it effortless for freelancers to turn missed connections into new opportunities.

Share client video testimonials

Another way you can leverage videos in expanding your client roster would be to collect client video testimonials. These could either take on the form of short-form interview style videos with a client. Or, you can interview a client over video conferencing tools like Zoom and create short snippets of powerful quotes to share on your social media channels. The best way to capture the impact of your product is by asking customers how their day-to-day life has changed as a result of relying on your offering. Consider metrics: has your tool given them measurable time savings? Has your service increased their revenue? We recommend sharing interview questions in advance with your client. Once you finalize your video, you can easily upload it into DocSend and create unique links to track interest from potential new lead sources. Drop the link on your website to collect email addresses from those who might be interesting in watching the videos.

Record voice-over videos with DocSend’s integration with Dropbox Capture

Balancing outreach efforts across multiple potential clients can be tough for even the most seasoned freelancer. With DocSend’s integration with Dropbox Capture, you can easily record and locate videos in one dedicated client portal. Consolidating and scaling client outreach is instant with the power of both products together. Freelancers love the ability to record one video and create multiple links that can be shared with dozens of potential new leads. Prospects can review your proposal voice-over videos on their own time, so you no longer have to play the game of missed meetings in different time zones. 

Research shows that personalization drives 10 to 15 percent revenue lift. Your prospects will feel instantly catered to with unexpected human warmth in a sea of cold calls from others. Emails and proposals through email are a thing of the past. Let DocSend help you build a bridge for trusted connection with new clients, all while bringing added clarity to your message. 

Send images and GIFs directly from DocSend to uplevel your marketing 

They say that an image is worth a thousand words. Especially as a freelancer, sometimes showing your work can speak volumes more than telling a potential new client what you can offer. You can send images and GIFs directly in DocSend, or embed visuals within your presentations. 

Some freelancers worry that designs they share in other content platforms could be downloaded and shared with competitors. Another common concern among freelancers is that a brilliant idea shared in an initial deck with a potential client could potentially be leveraged without approval or payment. DocSend provides you more control over how your intellectual property is consumed by others, with customizable expiration dates, access restrictions, and advanced controls. Even more, if you don’t hear back from someone for a while, but you see a few months later that they have opened your old design in DocSend, you can follow-up and see if they are interested in working with you. 

Whether it’s a “how-it-works” GIF, or a sample design from your portfolio, having rich media can help bring your work to life. Even more, you can incorporate more robust imagery into the content you send through DocSend. Let your next big creative ideas sell themselves, all while staying under your control. 

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