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Informations produit

Nouvelle fonctionnalité : envoi et suivi sécurisés de feuilles de calcul avec contrôles de partage

Interdisez le téléchargement, le transfert et le partage de vos données sensibles grâce aux feuilles de calcul DocSend consultables uniquement via un navigateur Web.

New in DocSend: Keep your sensitive info safe with web-view only spreadsheets

Everything you love about sharing content with DocSend is now available for spreadsheets. DocSend’s new Spreadsheet sharing controls feature allows you to send a version of your spreadsheet that is only viewable in your recipient’s browser, preventing them from downloading or distributing your sensitive data. 
  • Viewer-specific permissions: Say goodbye to duplicating and maintaining multiple versions of your spreadsheets to make sure each of your viewers has the right view. With DocSend, you can create custom links for every viewer, each with their own permissions. 

  • Tab-by-tab analytics: When you send your spreadsheets via traditional sharing platforms, you only see if someone has opened your document. DocSend lets you see how long each viewer spends on every tab, giving you insight into exactly where they want to deep dive. 

  • Prohibit downloads et forwarding: If you’re sending your spreadsheets via email, you’re asking your recipient to download your content. The instant they do, you’ve lost control of how long they keep everything in it and who else they share it with. With DocSend’s new Spreadsheet sharing controls, you you can ensure recipients don’t even have the option to download or forward your company’s intellectual property

  • Update content and access after you hit send: Gone are the days when hitting “send” means you lose control of your spreadsheet and data. Just like your other files, spreadsheet content can be updated after-the-fact without changing the link or ever having to admit to the recipient your first version had out-of-date information. 

Stop sharing your sensitive spreadsheet data without the proper protection. Start your free trial today and stay in control with DocSend’s industry-leading secure sharing capabilities.