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Why Your Sales Team Should Use DocSend

See how DocSend helped mobile marketing startup Kahuna close more deals, faster with unprecedented visibility into the sale process.
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Everyone knows life in the tech world moves pretty fast, and if you’re going to survive, you have to adapt and keep up the pace. Many old-school enterprise solutions are quickly falling behind with their inability to accommodate the rapid growth of today’s innovative small startups. Here at DocSend, we’re ahead of the curve, and we’d like to share a story about how we helped Kahuna, Inc. stay ahead too.

Who is Kahuna?

Kahuna was founded in 2012 by customer engagement experts Adam Marchick and Jacob Taylor, with the goal of creating an automated mobile marketing system that would transform how companies engage with their clients. Meeting this goal, they created the Kahuna Engagement Engine™, an online platform that automatically identifies mobile usage behavior and delivers personalized campaigns to maximize usage and revenue. In short, they’ve made mobile marketing easier than ever before and their success shows: the company has expanded significantly and raised two rounds of funding totaling $13 million. And they have some pretty important clientele, including Yahoo! Sports, 1-800-Flowers, and the New England Patriots.

What can DocSend provide that other enterprise solutions can’t?

With any of their clients, big or small, Kahuna relies on the transmission of confidential, proprietary information during their sales process. There is some seriously important material being sent out, and they need to make sure they know who gets ahold of it.

By using DocSend in their communications and marketing, Kahuna gains both added security and information that boosts their sales engagement, efficiency and effectiveness.

To sum it up for you, using DocSend allowed Kahuna to:

Share customized strategy decks and industry benchmarks with clients without worrying about sensitive information being seen by competitors

  • This means they were able to send confidential campaign strategies to clients with a DocSend link, which saves the hassle of sending attachments and adds the security of being able to track who opens the link and when and whom it gets forwarded to. By eliminating security concerns, Kahuna is able to provide their customers with a competitive advantage without worrying they’ll be scooped by a competitor.

Quantify the effectiveness of their sales and marketing materials

  • DocSend provides analytics that help Kahuna determine which leads the sales team should pursue and which trails have gone cold. Further, they can use DocSend’s data to gauge which marketing materials are the most effective for the various types of customers they engage with.

Communicate more efficiently and effectively with customers

  • With the combination of security and streamlined marketing that DocSend provides, the communication process between Kahuna and their clients has become much more open and productive on both sides.

Using DocSend is a great way to have control. We can be much more open with our proprietary information because we have confidence it will be protected.”
Adam Marchick
Adam Marchick
CEO, Kahuna

Being an innovative and growing company ourselves, we at DocSend are proud to keep up with the needs of companies like Kahuna. By putting Kahuna back in control of their proprietary information, DocSend allows them to set their security worries aside and instead focus on delivering the most successful campaign strategies to their clients in addition to closing sales deals much faster.

Check out the full case study to learn more about how DocSend provides Kahuna the services that other enterprise solutions don’t:

Kahuna Case Study