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About our Fundraising Research

At DocSend we set out to provide answers to many questions surrounding the fundraising process, so in 2020 we launched the DocSend Startup Index. To date, information and trends around early rounds of investment have been mostly anecdotal and the process has been relatively opaque. But now, for the first time, the DocSend Startup Index provides a unique set of data on startups at different stages and demystifies what it means to raise as a startup. 

In 2020 we studied the fundraising process of over 600 startups at the Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stage. The reports, webinars and infographics below are the product of our analysis of the data to help founders understand which startups were successful in fundraising and why. 

Funding Divide Webinar - What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Watch Sarah Friar, co-founder of Ladies Who Launch and CEO of Nextdoor, as she moderates the discussion between 2 founders and DocSend. Listen to Sarah share her own experience in raising money for larger companies and what she learned through the process.


Post-Fundraising Resource Kit

Learn how you can continue to use DocSend after you’ve completing your fundraising for:
– Sales Engagement
– Investor Updates
– Board Management
– Legal
– Finance & Accounting
– Employee Benefits & Payroll
– Continuing Fundraising

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