Notizie su DocSend
Notizie su DocSend

DocSend for Salesforce

With our new DocSend integration, you can automatically sync all your DocSend usage and visitor data with your leads, contacts, and opportunities in Salesforce.


Starting at $20/user/month, the Salesforce integration is available as an add-on to help users surface document analytics in their CRM.

With the Salesforce integration, you can automatically sync data from DocSend to Salesforce. Once connected and enabled, DocSend can create Tasks in Salesforce for certain activities:

  • Visits
  • Document Link Creations
  • Space Link Creations

Connecting Your Salesforce Account

DocSend will only sync data to Salesforce for you after your DocSend account is connected to Salesforce. To connect your DocSend account to Salesforce:

  1. Go to Connected Apps Settings.
  2. Click Connect Salesforce.
  3. On the Salesforce login page, enter your Salesforce credentials.

Your DocSend account should now be connected to your Salesforce account.

Sync Visits to Salesforce

Visits occur when a visitor opens a DocSend link. DocSend can sync visits to Salesforce to help you understand how each document is performing, as well as how engaged your visitors are. This information can also be used for lead scoring.

DocSend syncs the following properties on a new Task for every visit that corresponds with the email address of a Lead or Contact in Salesforce:

  • Document name
  • Account name
  • Visit duration
  • Percent viewed
  • Full stats link

These data points are synced to the Comments field by default, but they can also be configured to map to custom activity fields in Salesforce. See below for an example of a visit in Salesforce.

Things to Consider

  • Mapping visit data to custom fields allows you to run custom Salesforce reports to measure factors like document performance, revenue influenced by a document, and more.
  • DocSend will sync visits to Salesforce when a visitor’s email address matches that of a Lead or Contact; using the “Require email to view” link setting is highly recommended.
  • If a visitor’s email address does not match, but DocSend finds a matching Account name, the visit will be synced to the Account.
  • If there are 0 matches, but “Create new Leads for unmatching emails” is enabled for your company, DocSend will create a new Lead in Salesforce.
  • If “Create open Tasks for unmatching records” is enabled, DocSend will sync an open Task to Salesforce and assign it to you for completion.
  • DocSend will sync new link visits immediately and then every 10 minutes while that visit is still active. If a visit doesn’t last that long, we’ll sync the visit twice at most.

Sync Document Links to Salesforce

Links are created to share individual documents. Syncing link creations to Salesforce can help track internal user adoption and the overall level of engagement on an Account.

DocSend syncs the following properties on a new Task for every link created where the account is mapped to a Salesforce Account:

  • Document name
  • Account name
  • Document URL
  • Internal link URL
  • External link URL
  • Visitors (refreshes if additional visitors open the link)

Sync Space Links to Salesforce

Spaces are handy for sharing multiple documents with one link. Syncing Space creations to Salesforce also helps you track overall DocSend adoption.

DocSend syncs the following properties on a new Task for every Space created where the account is mapped to a Salesforce Account:

  • Space name
  • Account name
  • Space URL
  • Internal Space URL

Admins can enable or disable any type of sync at any time by visiting the Company Salesforce Settings page. Happy syncing!


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