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Notizie su DocSend

Speed, security, and access: DocSend’s 2023 year-in-review

Say goodbye to 2023, with our year in review.

If 2023 felt like a rollercoaster, you’re not the only one who went on the ride. Rising interest rates, inflation, and general uncertainty descended upon the industry as VCs, founders, salespeople, agencies, and consultants gritted their teeth throughout the year.

According to TechCrunch, total venture investment around the world was down 65% in Q3 2023 compared to record-breaking amounts in Q4 2021. At the same time, almost one-fifth of founders who did close a raise had to take a down round. While there are some signs that 2024 could be a better year, you’ll still need ways to raise money and collaborate with investors and clients faster and more efficiently. This is why we focused our efforts in 2023 on:

  • Templates to speed up processes
  • Enhanced security for sensitive information in spreadsheets
  • More ways to access DocSend files

If you’re wondering what you can get done with DocSend now that you couldn’t before, keep reading.

1. Speeding up processes with templates

If you need to set up files in DocSend, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. DocSend Spaces is an easy way to gather and share files with one link, and we’ve cut down on how long it takes to set up those spaces even more with templates.

When you start a space, now you’ll be able to choose a template for a:

  • Virtual data room: Due diligence documents, pitch decks, and financial documents for investors, founders, and boards who need extra security when sharing sensitive documents
  • Board meeting: Agendas, meeting minutes, and financial documents for founders, executives, and investors who need a secure way to share sensitive documents before and after a board meeting
  • Client portal: Company information, proposals, and contracts for people who want to centralize, protect, and customize all the documents they need to collaborate with clients
  • Onboarding experience: Company policies, training videos, offer letters, and signed agreements for HR professionals and managers who need a secure and scalable way to onboard new employees

2. Enhanced security for sensitive information in spreadsheets

DocSend files are famously secure, and this year we extended those security controls to spreadsheets—because we understand that some of your most sensitive financial information lives in them. 

Now, when you share spreadsheets with DocSend, you can expect:

  • Tab-by-tab analytics: View where people are spending the most time on your spreadsheets with tab-level analytics that give you a deeper look.
  • Viewer-specific permissions: Create custom links for each spreadsheet viewer, each with their own permission control—all while avoiding multiple versions of the same document.
  • Downloading and forwarding prevention: If you’re sending extra sensitive information, keep it out of the wrong hands.

Learn more about spreadsheet sharing controls and how you can use them in 2024.

3. More places to access DocSend files

We’ll never compromise on security, but 2023 was the year we expanded (controlled) access to your DocSend files. 

Especially important for client collaboration and wider audience reach, new DocSend access points allow you to guide your viewers to next steps, publish content on your website, and enjoy all the benefits of DocSend analytics on Google Drive files. More accessibility means:

  • Embedded file viewer: Embed file content on your website to extend your reach on certain files with all the same DocSend security controls and analytics.
  • Google Drive integration: Track your Google Drive files with DocSend’s page-by-page, real-time analytics.

Install the Dropbox DocSend Google Drive integration and start getting analytics now. 

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