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Notizie su DocSend

I problemi tecnici penalizzano i lanci: i vantaggi delle presentazioni live di DocSend rispetto alla condivisione dello schermo

Introducing DocSend Live Present, the easiest and most seamless way to present sales presentations to prospects.
I problemi tecnici penalizzano i lanci - Presentazione live di DocSend

Half of DocSend’s customers LOVE Live Present… the other half don’t know it exists. Today we are changing that by adding Live Present to the DocSend sidebar. Live Present provides unparalleled visual quality for your sales presentations. If you’re currently using a screenshare application to present decks or documents to prospects, then you need to pull up a chair, because this post was written for you.

Screenshare has one great use: presenting a software product or an interactive web experience. When you need to do a demo, screenshare really is the only way if you can’t make an in-person. But a live video feed of your desktop is a lot of data to be sending through the tubes.

In order to broadcast a video feed of your monitor, screenshare software has to compress the raw video data being sent from your computer. This compression is “lossy,” resulting in a low-quality, fuzzy stream of your presentation. If you are presenting a deck via screenshare, you are killing the quality of your pitch with unfocused, blocky visuals.


A salesperson’s message should be clear as day, because glitches kill pitches.

That’s why we created Live Present. DocSend’s Live Present feature transmits your static documents, as actual static documents — not as a video stream. This minimizes bandwidth usage, glitches and lag, preserving crystal clear quality of your presentations. Leaving you feeling like this:


And not like this:


Bottom line: The second your audio starts cutting out, or the video gets delayed and blocky, prospects stop listening to you and start getting distracted by the glitchy screenshare. They aren’t listening to you sell, they’re listening to the echo of what you said ten seconds ago. Stop letting screenshare glitches kill pitches. Sign up for a free DocSend account and start using Live Present today.

FAQs for DocSend Live Present

Do my prospects need to download software to view DocSend Live Present?

Never! All your prospect has to do to view your presentation is visit your custom URL. DocSend Live Present works in a browser on any mobile or desktop device — no downloads or plugins required. If they have an internet connection and a browser, they can view your live presentation.

Do I need to download software to present with DocSend Live Present?

Nope! As long as you have internet access you can present on any desktop or mobile device. Because DocSend Live Present uses such little data, you can even use it with 3G and 4G wireless internet.

How do viewers get to my presentation?

It’s simple! Every user of DocSend get’s their own custom, personalized URL for Live Present. Business accounts and Enterprise teams get a custom subdomain.

Can I present and watch presentations on my iPhone or Android device?

Indubitably! And if you’re one of the two-dozen people clinging on to your BlackBerry, you can use that as well.

What if I am presenting an actual video in my slides? Don’t I have to use a screenshare app?

No! Using video screenshare to present a streaming video (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) is the worst possible way to share a video in a sales setting. DocSend’s Live Present feature will load YouTube or Vimeo videos directly from the prospect’s browser. This results in better visual clarity and less middle-manning of data that will bog your connection down.

I present multiple documents when I pitch, bouncing from document to document, is Live Present right for me?

Live Present was made for you. Swapping documents in Live Present is simple and straightforward:


Instead of giving prospects a sneak peak of your desktop, complete with their record open in Salesforce, you can keep their focus on the DocSend Live Present viewer.

Is Live Present safe and secure for my business?

Of course! You can choose wether or not to require an access code with Live Present, stopping anyone who doesn’t have your explicit permission from viewing your presentation.

live present docsend access code pic

If you want to lockdown (or open up) access to your presentations, it’s just a click of a button.

So what are you waiting for? Stop making your prospects download software and sit through glitchy presentations. Get your free DocSend account today and start selling with clarity.

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