Strategia di vendita
Strategia di vendita

[Infografica] I team di vendita del passato non esistono più: come si è evoluto il reparto vendite

Non è un segreto che la realtà delle vendite si sia evoluta. Guarda questa infografica per vedere come sono cambiate le vendite e cosa può fare il tuo team per stare al passo con i tempi e guardare al futuro.
Evoluzione dei reparti vendite - Infografica

The state of sales has evolved. Sales is no longer about making a connection and closing a deal based on a great sales pitch. Thanks to new technology, every step of the funnel can be measured, tested, and improved. No one is pounding on doors or working their alumni network anymore. IT’s about finding a real pain point in the marketplace and solving it. In order to keep up with the times, sales needs to adopt technology, specialize in their individual roles and play as a team. (If you want to see 150+ of the best B2B case studies click here)

Taking data and ideas from CEB, McKinsey, Jeffrey Gitomer, HBR, Salesforce State of Sales 2015, and LinkedIn State of Sales 2016, we put together this infographic to outline how sales has changed, and what your team can do to keep up with the times.

sales floor has changed infographic