Notizie su DocSend
Notizie su DocSend

G2 Crowd nomina DocSend il software di abilitazione alle vendite più semplice da implementare

Siamo entusiasti di annunciare che G2 Crowd ha assegnato a DocSend il punteggio più alto nel suo primo rapporto sull'indice di implementazione nell'ambito dell'abilitazione alle vendite.
g2 crowd assegna a DocSend il massimo punteggio di implementazione nell'ambito dell'abilitazione alle vendite

We’re excited to share that software review platform G2 Crowd has awarded DocSend the highest implementation score in its first Sales Enablement Implementation Index Report.

G2 Crowd calculates each vendor’s implementation score using a number of key indicators. These include: Ease of setup, time to go live, implementation method, and user adoption.

G2 Crowd Sales Enablement Implementation Index Report - DocSend

Ranked first among today’s leading sales enablement products, DocSend was named by G2 Crowd as the “Most Implementable” solution and the one with the “Fastest Implementation.”

At DocSend, we believe a great product should possess three qualities: Smart, intuitive, and adopted. We’re proud to say that our community feels that same way about our product.

As the sales tech landscape continues to explode with more and more options, we’re doubling down on what we do best: Building a product that puts users – and usability – first.

DocSend works where you do, from your inbox to your CRM. And we’re committed to making it easier than ever for businesses to get the critical insight they need to get business done.

Over 4,500 companies rely on DocSend to connect their content to bottom-line outcomes – and close more deals, faster. See the difference DocSend can make for your business in our G2 Crowd reviews.

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