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Rock Health & DocSend: Grow your business with trackable content

Learn how healthcare startup Rock Health uses DocSend to secure their content, track what's working, and get insight into key stakeholders.
DocSend and RockHealth Case Study

Working better together

We really love to see customers come up with creative ways to apply DocSend to solve their company’s problems. We’re going to start sharing some of these stories, starting with Rock Health.

Rock Health funds and supports startups building the next generation of technologies transforming healthcare. Halle Tecco, the CEO at Rock Health, started the company in 2010 and since then has been doing amazing work. The Next Web named Halle one of the eight women in tech to watch out for. At a time when US healthcare spending alone has topped $3.8 trillion, there’s no doubt she and Rock Health are working to solve critical problems.

So how does Rock Health use DocSend?

As it turns out, Rock Health sends out a lot of documents for various reasons while they quickly grow their business. DocSend turns these documents into more effective and efficient communication tools. Here are a few of the issues that DocSend has helped them solve:

Keeping things secure

They send out sensitive documents that contain information about which companies they’ve accepted or invested in. They really don’t want this info to leak. It would be a big problem if these files get into the wrong hands, but they need to share it with partners and investors.

  • How DocSend helps: by sending DocSend links, they can password protect and monitor who is opening the information. If a leak ever did happen (fingers crossed it won’t), they could easily shut off the link to minimize the damage. This allows them to send sensitive information without the worry.

Knowing what’s effective

They spend a LOT of time crafting marketing and sales material, but they have no idea if this is time well spent. Which parts are actually read? Which parts are engaging? Should they make their documents longer or shorter?

  • How DocSend helps: DocSend takes the guess work out of what actually matters. It’s like having Google Analytics for your documents. By knowing how long each page is viewed and how many times, they can quantitatively figure out what is and isn’t working with documents they send.

Knowing who’s involved

Occasionally they need to sell sponsorships or sign up new investors. When this happens, the time between sending the documents and hearing back is a real nail-biter. They aren’t sure if the person is still engaged, and who else is involved in the decision process.

  • How DocSend helps: because DocSend identifies each document visitor, they know exactly who is involved in the process. They also get to see what the reader finds engaging before they even get a response. If the prospect is so disinterested that they didn’t even look at the material, then the team at Rock Health doesn’t have to feel bad if it doesn’t work out. DocSend helps them focus on the deals that are most likely to succeed.

DocSend changed the way we communicate. We can now deliver the most useful documents to the most important people and save time in the process.
Halle Tecco
CEO and Co-founder, Rock Health

In all of these solutions, DocSend is bringing insight and security to a process that previously had neither. This allows them to move faster and be more efficient as a company.

@Rock_Health, we’re excited to see you continue to fix the big issues in healthcare. In the meantime, we’ll continue to help you move faster as a company!

For more details on how Rock Health uses DocSend, take a look through the full case study:

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