Nieuws over DocSend

Introductie van DocSend voor Microsoft Outlook

Onze nieuwe Outlook-invoegtoepassing maakt het eenvoudiger dan ooit om toegang te krijgen tot je inhoud en om DocSend-links te maken wanneer dat nodig is - wanneer je in je inbox werkt.
DocSend voor Microsoft Outlook

Create and Send DocSend Links Right within Outlook

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the new DocSend add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Now available in the Microsoft Office store.

We built DocSend to make documents a more effective, and more meaningful communication channel for businesses. To deliver on that promise, we want to make DocSend awesomely simple to include in your workflow. The new Outlook Add-in is a major step toward that. After you install it, you’ll be able to access your files and easily create DocSend links right when you need to most — when you’re sending an email.

[box]“To gain an edge, businesses need to remove friction for their customers in every interaction, and look for insights at every turn. DocSend does that by helping anybody who sends documents understand how their content is being engaged with, keeping them in total control, and presenting a great experience for the recipient. We’re excited DocSend has chosen to create an add-in for Outlook.”

— Rob Howard, Director, Office 365[/box]


The Power of DocSend, The Simplicity of an Email Attachment

Once installed, the DocSend for Outlook add-in is available from the Add-ins menu whenever you compose a new message. From there, you can create links to documents you’ve already uploaded to DocSend, or upload new ones. We’ll even make the DocSend link look like a native attachment so your documents stand out as they should.

Check it out:

Inserting DocSend Link In Outlook

[box]”Integrating DocSend into Outlook has been one of our biggest feature requests. We’re thrilled to now be live in the Office Store and bring the power of DocSend to where our customers spend much of their time – their inbox. Because the add-in is built on Office 365, it installs instantly and works seamlessly across web and desktop.”

— Dave Koslow, DocSend CPO & Co-founder[/box]

When you create links through the add-in, you have the same control that you do over any DocSend link. You can allow anonymous viewing, allow downloading, set a passcode, and set expiration dates right from within the sidebar in Outlook. We also have document tracking that allow you to see page-by-page engagement metrics for all of your documents. As with all DocSend links you can update the document at any time by taking a quick trip over to

Best of all, you get the same great insights on how recipients are engaging with the documents you send. Head on over to your DocSend account to see page-by-page document analytics, detailed visitor information, and compare the performance across different versions of your documents.

DocSend document tracking

We’re always looking for ways to make DocSend easier to include in your workflow. Have an idea that would help you work faster? Let us know!