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Introductie van account mapping in Salesforce: versnel je ABM- en ABS-strategie

We verdiepen onze investering in accountgebaseerde sales en marketing - en helpen onze klanten hetzelfde te doen, rechtstreeks binnen DocSend. Meer informatie over account mapping in Salesforce in DocSend.

If you’re in B2B sales or marketing today, you’ve probably heard the phrase “account-based” more than a handful of times. And, more likely than not, you or someone in your company is already implementing an account-based approach.

Everywhere you look, account-based seems to be one of the key objectives for industry titans and young upstarts alike. Leading research firm Gartner predicts that account-based marketing (ABM) will become the norm for most tech companies with over $5M in revenue.

It’s all for good reason: Account-based sales and marketing enable companies to invest their resources – time and money – strategically. By focusing on high-value accounts who are a good fit for your product and its capabilities, you increase sales efficiency and optimize for higher ROI.

That’s why we’re deepening our investment in account-based sales and marketing – and helping our customers do the same, right inside DocSend.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Salesforce account mapping in DocSend. Now, you can explicitly link your DocSend accounts to your Salesforce accounts in seconds.

Investing in account-based, from the very first touch

Until recently, tools for implementing account-based approaches to sales and marketing were far and few between. And account-based existed more in theory than in practice.

With Salesforce account mapping in DocSend, you can easily and quickly map all prospect activity in DocSend at the account-level back to your Salesforce accounts. It’s as simple as picking the right Salesforce account when you create a new link or Space — we handle the rest.

Have DocSend accounts you created earlier, or don’t see the right Salesforce account? You can link DocSend accounts to Salesforce accounts at any time by going to your Accounts page.

Salesforce account mapping in DocSend's gmail extension

Account mapping is available in the DocSend web app and in our browser and email extensions.

Remember, you’ll need to connect your Salesforce account before you can take advantage of account mapping. Just visit the Settings page to get started.

Account-based data at your fingertips

Our Salesforce integration is now more robust than ever.

Along with our earlier updates to custom field mapping and link creation tracking, our latest enhancement makes it simple to sync your DocSend data to Salesforce with accuracy and connect it to things like sales cycle length, win rate, and revenue attainment.

When you map your DocSend accounts to your Salesforce accounts, we’ll automatically:

  • Sync Spaces, link, and visit data for existing leads in Salesforce.
  • Create and sync Spaces, link, and visit data for new leads in Salesforce.
  • Sync Spaces, link, and visit data directly to existing accounts in Salesforce.
  • Assign open tasks to the link or Space owner for unmatched accounts in Salesforce.

If you have specific questions about how DocSend data gets synced to Salesforce, check out our help center or reach out to us at [email protected].

Account mapping - accounts

Map your DocSend accounts to your Salesforce accounts at any time from the Accounts page.

Get started with DocSend’s Salesforce Integration

DocSend’s Salesforce integration is available on our Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. If you already have DocSend for Salesforce, create a new Space or link or navigate to your Accounts page to get started with account mapping.

If you’re ready to upgrade, let’s chat! Request a demo or drop us a line at [email protected].