Nieuws over DocSend

Beveilig, deel en volg al je Dropbox-documenten met DocSend

DocSend en Dropbox werken samen om je samenwerking en controle te bieden.

We’re excited to announce that DocSend is the newest Dropbox Extensions integration partner. We’ve teamed up with the collaboration powerhouse to let users combine the power of the Dropbox smart workspace with the document tracking, security and analytics features of DocSend.

Don’t choose between collaboration and security

Dropbox lets you and your team easily create and collaborate on documents. With the new DocSend Extension, your team can share documents directly to DocSend without leaving Dropbox. You can share a single document or create a deal room to share multiple documents at once. When you share through DocSend, you have a whole host of security options at your fingertips.

dropbox and docsend

Each person you share a document or folder with will get a unique link. DocSend’s link-level security allows you to restrict access by individual user, so you can decide who has access and who doesn’t. Want more security? Add passcodes to your documents, set expiration dates on your links, or require email verification. Security with DocSend doesn’t stop online, either. You can also watermark your documents if you’re worried about hard copy sharing.

Know who’s looking at your documents

What if you want to know who has shared and viewed your Dropbox documents? We’ve got you covered. You can allow your files to be forwarded to anyone in a company (by whitelisting entire domains) or to anyone at all. Once shared, all you need to do is look at your dashboard to see who’s forwarded your content and who’s just sitting on it. This can come in handy if you ever add “please forward to anyone I forgot” in your emails.

Insights and analytics that make the difference

We provide more than just who’s viewed or forwarded your documents. We give you instant page-by-page analytics for every view. Did you send out an amazing sales presentation, but everyone seems to be dropping off after page five? We can tell you that. Did you spend months putting together a proposal for a client but they haven’t made it past the title page? We can tell you that too.

You will know who’s viewed your content, which pages they’ve read, and what they’re really interested in. Maybe no one made it past page five of your sales presentation because page three was such a hit they spent all their time there.

Detailed insights and analytics can instantly tell you who’s engaged with your content and where to spend your follow-up time. Never walk into another meeting wondering if someone’s done the pre-reading.

Dropbox and DocSend are the perfect combination of collaboration and control that you need for your business-critical documents. Try it out for yourself—go to your Dropbox account and access the DocSend Extension, or start your free DocSend trial.

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