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After reviewing thousands of pitch decks, we know what a successful one looks like. Use our free pitch deck analyzer to see if yours has what it takes to get funded.

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Once you’ve logged into your account, upload your pitch deck to DocSend. Next create a link to your deck.

Send your DocSend link to [email protected]

Please don’t send a PDF; we are not big fans of attachments here at DocSend! (When you send us your DocSend link, also let us know if you are raising pre-seed or seed. You may find more detailed guidelines for your submission here.)

Get your results

Each result is human-checked for consistency. You’ll receive your results and feedback within 72 hours. (Please note that we currently support only one submission per company and no resubmissions, so avoid submitting a working draft or teaser deck.)

Join the DocSend Fundraising Network!

If you are fundraising for your Pre-Seed or Seed round, and your pitch deck passes our quality bar (based on 100k+ successful decks we’ve seen), then you’ll be invited to join the DocSend Fundraising Network (DFN). DFN is a complimentary service that matches startup founders with investors through a warm introduction. Not only will we match you with a list of firms where you meet their criteria and can lead your round, but we will also share your pitch deck with them (after you give us permission, of course). If they’re interested, we’ll introduce you and you can take it from there. Our matching criteria is based on multiple factors including your industry, location, and round that you are raising. If your pitch deck doesn’t include that information, feel free to include Round and Amount Seeking in your email to better help the analyzer match you with VCs.

What you need to know about the Pitch Deck Analyzer

What we analyze

After reviewing thousands of early-stage pitch decks, we’ve discovered nine key factors, from words per page to how you present your financials, that make pitch decks successful in terms of being more likely to get investors’ attention and raise money.

What we do not analyze

Our Pitch Deck Analyzer will not assess your business idea, market size, business model, or the things unique to your business. Our goal is to ensure you’re presenting your company in the best way using the most proven techniques.

Why we are doing this

Our goal has always been to give founders an edge during what can be a frustrating and incredibly opaque process. Our Pitch Deck Analyzer uses our fundraising research to provide actionable insights founders can use when raising capital.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy and Confidentiality

By using the Pitch Deck Analyzer, you are expressly giving DocSend, Inc. (“DocSend”) permission to review your pitch deck for the purpose of providing suggestions to improve the quality and effectiveness of your pitch deck and to recommend introductions to potential investors (“Feedback”). DocSend will treat your pitch deck and the Feedback as confidential information and will not disclose such pitch deck or Feedback to any third party unless expressly authorized under DocSend’s Terms of Service (“Terms”). DocSend makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, or completeness of the Feedback. The Feedback is provided for informational purposes only and DocSend disclaims any and all liability with respect to actions or omissions based on the Feedback. Once Feedback has been provided, DocSend will no longer access or review your pitch deck except as explicitly permitted under the Terms.

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