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DocSend + IFTTT: Unleash the Recipes

Unleash the custom recipes with DocSend for IFTTT, and put DocSend visit notifications to work for you.
DocSend for IFTTT

Unlocking all new use cases through custom workflows

Today we’re excited to announce that DocSend is now available as a channel on IFTTT. For those of you who may not be familiar, IFTTT (whose name means “if this then that”) provides a way for people to connect different services so that if something happens in one service then an action is performed in another. For example, if it’s going to rain tomorrow, you can get an iOS notification, or if you’re tagged in a photo on Facebook, then you can automatically send the photo to your Dropbox. You can even do things like unmute your phone when you get home.

Fundamental to IFTTT is the idea of Triggers and Actions. Triggers are the “if this” part of the equation, and Actions are, expectedly, the “then that” part. With the new DocSend channel on IFTTT we are providing 4 new triggers that you can use:

  • Any new visit
  • New visit to a specific document
  • Any new 100% completion visit
  • New 100% completion visit to a specific document

New Ways to Respond to Visits

With these four triggers you now have much greater creative flexibility in how you respond to new visits to your documents. Here are a few new ways you’ll be able to use DocSend thanks to IFTTT:

Get a Push Notification When You Get New Visits

Many of our users have long requested the ability to get push notifications on their phones when they get new visits. This is now possible with a simple IFTTT recipe – there’s one for iOS and one for Android. We realize that some documents may be more important than others though, and similarly some visits may be more important than others. For this reason we have the four different Triggers mentioned above so that you can have greater control. Have a specific document that’s particularly important? You can:

Get the iOS Notification Recipe

Get the Android Notification Recipe

Still, perhaps you have a document that’s so important that if anyone hops into it you want to drop everything and get on the phone with that person immediately. No problem, we’ve got you covered with a recipe to get an SMS when you get a new visit to a specific document.

Get Emails for Your Most Important Visits

With the default DocSend visit email notifications you’ll get an email each time you get a new visit. For some people this may be too much email, and it can get hard to separate the signal from the noise. This is where the four different IFTTT triggers can really help. For example, you can:

Get the Email Notification Recipe

Tell Coworkers of Visits to Key Documents

Another feature several users have requested is the ability to have several people get visit notifications when there’s a new visit to a document. This is now possible in several ways. For example, when you get a new visit you can:

[Get Team Notification Recipe

Ensure You Follow Up

In cases where you have a particularly important document that you’ve sent to a prospect and you want to make sure you follow up with each visitor you can now use IFTTT recipes to remind you. For example, if anyone reads through 100% of a specific document you can:

[Get the Todoist Reminder Recipe

This is just the beginning. New channels are being added to IFTTT all the time, so new creative uses will continue to emerge. We’re incredibly excited for this partnership and can’t wait to see what recipes you bake up.

It’s important to us that it’s as easy as possible to use DocSend, whatever your workflow. Have another integration that you’ve dreamed up? Let us know. In the meantime stay tuned for more to come.