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Przedstawiamy funkcję podzespołów: wzmocnij przekaz zawartości sprzedażowej za sprawą kontekstu zespołu

Podzespoły dają możliwość organizowania zawartości tak, aby odzwierciedlać wysoce kontekstowy sposób, w jaki jest udostępniana w ramach organizacji.
Przedstawiamy podzespoły w DocSend

Content drives the sales process forward.

When a rep shares collateral with a prospect, it has the potential to spark conversation, provide information about your product, and get them closer to a purchase.

But sales content only works if sellers can actually find the right content to send, at the right time, and then connect it to actual business outcomes in Salesforce.

Unfortunately, businesses have made it nearly impossible to do this. That’s because sales content is often a tangled mess. It lives in too many different tools, in various states of completion, with no ability to track its performance or impact in the sales process.

Sellers suffer because they don’t know how to find the content they need, and marketers are stuck creating collateral they can’t connect to business outcomes, wasting valuable resources in the process. These problems are the reason why we built DocSend.

But over time, we began to notice something: In addition to having all their content in one place, large sales teams needed a better way to organize and surface their most relevant content, and share it across various groups within the company.

Which is why we’re excited to announce the addition of Sub-teams to DocSend.

Sub-teams give account executives, sales managers, and marketers the ability to organize content in a way that reflects the highly contextualized way it’s shared across an organization.

Introducing Sub Teams from DocSend

Organizing content with Sub-teams also provides a curated view of sales enablement content within DocSend. That means that your team members can:

  • See only the content they care about. Eliminate the visual clutter of content that belongs to other teams across the organization. With Sub-teams, you’ll be able to more easily access and identify the content that’s moving the needle for your direct reports.
  • Get access to the team insights that matter the most. Sales managers, leaders, and marketers can use Sub-teams to track the performance and usage of content across groups and see how deals are progressing.
  • Have the the power to restrict permissions for content. Prevent other members of your organization from editing, updating, or removing content they didn’t create. Control access to sensitive content intended for specific members of your organization.

It’s easy to get started with DocSend Sub-teams.

Sub-teams are available for DocSend Enterprise accounts, and they’re easy to set up inside your account.

Don’t have an Enterprise DocSend account? We can help with that. Go ahead give us a call at (888) 258-5951.