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Trzy integracje DocSend + Zapier, które pomogą Ci zaoszczędzić czas i zwiększyć produktywność

Gain back time in your day with these easy-to-use integrations.

There’s no shortage of tools for engaging with customers, collaborating with teammates, and managing tasks. The upside to all this technology are gains from making connections more easily, communicating more effectively, speeding up projects, and closing deals faster. But the downside is the time it takes navigating between platforms. More time spent going back and forth between tools adds up to less time left for other priorities.

Luckily, you don’t have to rethink your tech stack or stress over adding complicated solutions to bridge these gaps. With the DocSend + Zapier integration, you can build automated, hassle-free workflows between DocSend and your most commonly used tools in just a few clicks. Here are three easy fixes for eliminating unnecessary work effort and gaining back time in your day.

Fix #1: Send automated emails every time someone new visits your virtual data room

Love it or hate it, email remains a popular tool choice for connecting with everyone from prospects and customers to partners, vendors, teammates, and more. Because DocSend lets you see who’s visiting your data room and interacting with the content you’ve shared, it’s one of the first stops to see what your contacts have been up to.

By connecting DocSend to your email and/or calendar via the Zapier integration, you can save extra steps floating between tools when new contact names appear in your data room. It’s a popular Zap used to streamline touchpoints with new visitors, as well as add them as attendees to calendar events automatically.

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Fix #2: Seamlessly update team projects and documents with newly created links

Project management tools like Airtable, Asana, Monday.com, and others are huge for keeping track of your team’s tasks and managing cross-functional projects more efficiently. The trouble is, these tools can eat up a lot of time when you’re continuously porting over new information and links from your other tools.

The DocSend + Zapier integration delivers significant time savings when it comes to updating project tasks, progress, and statuses within these tools. For example, say your team tracks all of your DocSend links and content using Google Sheets. You can create a Zap to update the appropriate row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet whenever links are created in DocSend.

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Fix #3: Automatically add new visitors to campaign mailing lists

Increasing efficiency is the heartbeat of every sales, marketing, and project management automation tool. Yet anyone who uses these tools will tell you that maintaining updated audience lists for email campaigns and marketing newsletters isn’t always the easiest thing to stay on top of.

You can save a serious amount of time (and headache!) by building a Zap between DocSend and marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp or HubSpot. New visitors can be automatically added to your audience lists in these tools, ensuring that no contacts are ever left behind. In a similar vein, you can also set up Zaps to update form questions and sequences in Typeform any time someone downloads content from your data room.

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