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Controls to protect your confidential proposals

Protect your intellectual property and pricing from getting into the hands of competitors. Add email verification and forwarding restrictions, so only intended recipients view your materials. Ensure your proposals stay confidential with custom expiration dates.

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Follow-up at the right moment and anticipate what matters most. Know exactly who viewed your proposals, when they opened your files, and how they engage with your documents in real-time with visitor analytics. Collect page-by-page analytics to track top performing pages and version performance to optimize proposals at scale.

Gain a competitive edge with rich media proposals using DocSend’s integration with Dropbox Capture

Bring your proposals to life with voice-over video recordings and audio clips. Add a personalized touch to your proposals that bring focus and clarity to your message. Consolidate and scale prospect outreach with personalized short video recordings, all in one unified experience.

Drive deal velocity with a seamless eSignature experience

Execute signed agreements that live alongside your proposals. In one intuitive experience, enable one-click signing or drag-and-drop custom signature fields. Finalize your proposals and build lasting client relationships.

Secure document sharing with real-time analytics at your fingertips