Why a data-driven approach to deal management is good for everyone

When Dave, Tony and I started DocSend in 2013, we ran through several ideas that didn’t pass the “Why this, why now?” test.

pitch deck examples

Pitch Deck Examples & Best Practices for 2019

In this day and age, pitch deck examples aren’t particularly difficult to come by—usually, all it takes to find examples of successful pitch decks is a search through Google, LinkedIn, or SlideShare. What is difficult, however, is determining what made these specific pitch deck examples successful.

150+ B2B case studies

150+ of the Best Case Study Examples for B2B Product Marketers [Updated for 2019!]

Browse through over 150 of the best B2B case studies from today's leading companies, including Splunk, Tableau, and Workday.

stop losing prospects in your sales funnel to competitors

How to stop losing customers in your sales funnel to your competitors

Are you losing prospects in your funnel to the competition? Learn how to plug the leaky sales bucket with these expert B2B sales and marketing tips.

Stock photo sites

16 Legit & Totally Free Stock Photo Sites Your Competitors Don’t Know & Aren’t Using [Updated for 2019!]

Here are 15 free stock photo sites - from Unsplash to Pexels - that have a large selection of high-quality options.

password protect zip file

How to Zip a File and Password Protect It

Confused about how to create a zip file (or simply how to zip a file)? Struggling to password protect a zip file? Either way, wonder no longer.

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail and Outlook

We’ve all been there: It’s the end of a long week, you’ve got exciting weekend plans, and the last thing you need is a disastrous email typo or snafu.

Sales Battlecards using social proof

How to create competitive sales battle cards using social proof

The competitive battle card is a staple of most sales teams. Sales battle cards serve just one purpose: To help sales reps convince prospects to pick you over the competition.

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