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Les temps changent... il est temps de faire évoluer votre stratégie de commercialisation

La newsletter de cette semaine comporte une session de questions et réponses avec Andy Lihani de Salesforce, les nouvelles statistiques concernant l’intérêt porté aux argumentaires, et plus encore.

In this week’s newsletter we look at pitch deck interest is up 14% YoY — higher than normal for this time of year. See more on VC interest and find out what Salesforce’s Andy Lihani says should be your go-to-market response to COVID-19.

The Active VC List keeps growing

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Q&A with Andy Lihani: Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce

How should startups think about their go-to-market plans given the current climate?

As marketers, we have to address the elephant in the room. We have to be upfront that we are facing unprecedented times and challenges. If we keep the status quo of our GTM plans and messaging and ignore the reality of the situation we can come off as insensitive and tone deaf. This might mean shifting our prospecting email messaging from “Here’s an awesome customer story/reason to buy” to “Here’s what we’re doing to keep our product up and running; here’s what to do if you run into a problem.”

Given fewer resources, how should product marketers prioritize their efforts right now?

1) Messaging and positioning. The first step is to remember that our customers are people, too. Prioritize your messaging so that you’re empathizing with the specific problems your customers are feeling today.

2) Embrace digital tactics. With social distancing in place for the foreseeable future, adapt your tactics and embrace going 100% digital. You can launch engaging and awesome virtual events, online meetups, and even conferences.

3) Experiment with new content. Wanted to try your hand at podcasting? Now’s the time. Mulling over that webinar mini-series you’ve been thinking about? Go for it. This is the time to try new channels and mediums. In order to stand out in a world where (nearly) every company is marketing exclusively online, you need to put your creative-problem-solving hat on.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve seen startup product marketers make?

Publishing your content, message, positioning, or customer value props without  ever talking directly with a customer to validate it. That might sound crazy, but we’re all human, we have stresses, deadlines, and sometimes not enough hours in the day, and it’s easier to cut corners. But, assuming your message is correct without first testing and validating with a real-life customer is a recipe for failure. You might be able skate by in the short-term, but you’ll run into issues as you scale.


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