Informazioni sul prodotto
Informazioni sul prodotto

Condivisione file sicura per le aziende

Collaborazione migliore, informazioni più sicure, attività più semplici e lavoro più flessibile per la crescita aziendale.

Fundraising security

When it comes to fundraising, security is non-negotiable. You need to ensure sensitive financial data and documents are protected—at all costs. That’s where DocSend’s encryption, secure access controls, and advanced authentication features come into play. You can rest assured that your fundraising efforts are in safe hands. Why take any chances?

Mergers and acquisitions

File security is mission-critical for successful mergers and acquisitions. Financial documents, strategic plans, and contracts—all of these need to be protected with the highest level of security. DocSend ensures that data remains safe and sound throughout the M&A process—so you can navigate deals with total confidence.

Client data security

Confidentiality is key to client trust. They need to know that their information is in safe hands, and DocSend is the way to do that. By providing the best security features, DocSend helps you build a reputation for confidentiality—to set you apart from the competition. When clients trust you, that’s when your business really starts to grow.

How secure file sharing solutions work in DocSend

DocSend’s secure file sharing solutions empower businesses with some of the following features:
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FAQs about secure file sharing solutions

How does secure file sharing work?
Secure file sharing works by encrypting your files before they’re transmitted over the internet, ensuring that only authorized recipients can access them. This means you can securely share files during fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, share best practices internally—or anything else.

Can I track who accessed my files?
Yes. With DocSend, you can track who accessed your files, when they did it, and even monitor any changes made to the documents.

Are eSignatures legally valid?
Yes. eSignatures are legally binding and widely accepted, offering the same legal standing as traditional handwritten signatures.

What is the difference between secure file sharing and a virtual data room?
While both secure file sharing and virtual data rooms (VDRs) provide secure ways to share files, VDRs typically offer advanced features like more extensive access controls and document watermarking.

How can document watermarking enhance file security? 
Document watermarking is like adding an invisible fingerprint to your files. It enhances file security by making it easier to trace and identify any unauthorized copies, helping to deter leaks and protect sensitive information.

Ready to take your file sharing to the next level? 

Blend safety and convenience, ensuring document security—and making collaboration effortless.