Advies voor oprichters

Ontmoetingen met investeerders in 12 stappen

Onze gids voor insiders onthult hoe je die ongrijpbare ontmoetingen met investeerders kunt scoren als je niet bepaald een bekende naam bent. Hier volgen wat pro-tips die ervoor zorgen dat investeerders je willen ontmoeten.

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What is the role of investor meetings?

Nobody will give you money for a business idea without meeting you. Meetings are a chance to utter incantations that turn potential into reality, by allowing you to do several important things:

  1. Make a direct presentation of your brilliance: Investor meetings are your initial stage. It’s where you unfold the map of your business journey and directly invite potential funders along.
  2. Building bridges of trust: Funding isn’t just about numbers; it’s about people. Your investor meetings will build bridges of trust, an essential foundation for any investment relationship.
  3. Showcasing your team: It’s not only your idea—it’s the minds behind it. Investor meetings let you shine a spotlight on your stellar team, showcasing the players they might be investing with.
  4. Real-time feedback: No waiting around. Investor meetings serve up instant feedback. Hear their concerns, address them on the spot, and show that you’re committed to making it work.
  5. Planting seeds for ongoing support: Even if funds aren’t raining down, investor meetings plant the seeds for long-term relationships. These relationships can bear fruit way beyond the pitch.

 In a nutshell, these meetings are a magic wand in the world of investment. Ready to dazzle your team or investors with an awesome meeting? 

Master your craft with these investor meeting tips

 We’ve got your back with these incredible tips:

1. Craft a crystal-clear pitch

Dreaming big? Make sure your pitch is even bigger. However, it’s important to distill your genius into a clear, concise message that sparks curiosity. Find out more about what to include in your pre-seed pitch deck.

 2. Pursue precision targeting with investors

Think of this as matchmaking for your business. You need to find the investors who get your vibe and are into what you’re selling. This means doing lots of research to find the right people.

 3. Slide into investors’ inboxes with a bang

Don’t ghost them—send a personalized message introducing your brilliant idea. Make it a virtual handshake they won’t forget. Learn some tips to stop sales emails from landing in spam folders.

 4. Become a pitch deck wizard

Your pitch deck is your superhero cape. Let it fly high, packed with info that leaves investors wanting more. Try the pitch deck analyzer to ensure your deck wows like a Marvel movie.

 5. Secure your documents

Whisper sweet business secrets securely. DocSend keeps all of your documents completely safe in virtual data rooms and has ironclad security for secure file sharing.

 6. Follow-up with a charm offensive

Persistence without annoyance is an art. Send follow-ups that say, “Hey, I’m serious, but I respect your time.” and let the investors know that while you want to talk—they may end up missing out.

 7. Remember, honesty is the best policy

No white lies in the business realm. Be truthful and watch the trust blossom. If you face a tough question or realize you’ll face one when they meet you, get ahead of it and figure out your answer.

 8. Understand that timing is everything

Think of timing your meeting like a master chef timing a soufflé. It’s so delicious, nobody can say no. Use your imagination and unique position to make it a meeting they can’t possibly turn down.

 9. Be an impromptu pitching ace

Be ready to drop your pitch at any moment. Flexibility shows you’re not just a business pro, you’re a business ninja. With shorter, bitesize pitch-ettes you’re prepared no matter what the situation.

 10. Know that passion speaks louder than words

Your excitement is contagious. Let it shine through every word, and investors will catch the fever. If you believe in your idea at heart, you can summon up that energy inside the meeting.

 11. Accept that feedback is your North Star

Listen, adjust, adapt. It’s like learning a dance and improving your routine. Nobody likes being told ‘No’, but if you understand the reasons why, that’s a win—and you can factor it into your next investor meeting.

 12. Polish your pitch deck and financials

Crafting a pitch deck is like creating a masterpiece. The same goes for your financials – make them a work of art. Visuals, animations, and even music can spice up a pitch to make it pop.

Tips for landing investor meetings

You need to be prepared. Securing an investor meeting is a success, but the real game begins there. Here are some tips to make sure you’re not just at the table—but leading the conversation:

  1. Craft a captivating elevator pitch: You never know when you might step into the elevator with a potential investor. Have a pitch so compelling they forget what floor they were going to!
  2. Keep the investor hunt fresh: The investment landscape is vast. Regularly update your list of potential investors, ensuring you’re targeting those most aligned with your unique vision.
  3. Network, then network some more: An introduction can be a golden ticket. Don’t minimize the power of existing connections—leverage your network to get intros to suitable investors. 
  4. Hunt where they gather: Investors have their habitats—industry events, pitch competitions, and networking galas. Be where they are. Show up, make an impact, and leave them curious.
  5. Communication—personalized, not generic: Throw away the generic scripts. Every contact should be personal and researched. Show you’ve done your homework; it’s key to their hearts.

Remember, landing a meeting is just the beginning of the adventure. What you do in that room (or virtual room) can define the course of your business journey.

The power of sharing and analytics tools in investor meetings

Reaching out to investors with file sharing and document analytics tools like DocSend will optimize the journey and increase the efficiency of your outreach. You’ll get tons of features like:

  • Efficient information sharing
  • Improved accessibility of documents
  • Enhanced security for sensitive information
  • Real-time document tracking and analytics
  • Prompt follow-ups with document viewing alerts
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Streamlined collaboration
  • Time-savings

Utilizing sharing and analytics tools ensures a smooth process, but it also empowers you with actionable insights—giving you a strategic advantage in your investor meetings.

Use DocSend to build genuine connections with investors

Building genuine connections with investors is paramount, and secure sharing or analytics tools not only streamline the process but enhance your efficiency—making interactions more impactful.

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