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Why DocSend Matters

Introducing DocSend, a new content management and tracking solution. We're here to bring the intimacy of face-to-face conversation to digital communication.
Why DocSend Matters

The world is changing. It’s turning increasingly digital and asynchronous. Events are replaced by websites, meetings by videos, and phone calls by emails.

We lose something with this change, but we also gain the promise of something. We lose that live feedback loop where we can tell if the person in the meeting room has zoned out. We can no longer hear if the person is snoring on the other end of the phone. The promise we gain is the power of the internet: the ease of digital with the feedback of a live event.

DocSend delivers on this potential, starting with documents. Why documents? A document is versatile as a communication medium. It is lighter weight than a website or a video, but richer than an email. Anyone can create one, and anyone can read one.

DocSend gives you analytics after you send a document to someone and makes it easier for them to give you feedback. You get to see where it goes, who opens it, and which parts they find most engaging. Hundreds of companies use this information to move their business forward faster.

Join the trend. Move faster with DocSend.